design your summer + 6 month focus word update


Today I am going to share how you can design your summer along with an update on my focus word of the year.  Summer is literally around the corner, and I just cannot wait.  Washington living means rain, which brings amazing beauty, but sometimes it limits when we explore outside.  Summer means we can spend so much more time outside, which is pretty much our favorite!


Focus word for the year update: less

Before I get into designing your summer, I wanted to share an update on my focus word for the year less.  How is it going in one word? GREAT!  The two biggest areas in which I notice the change are that I am rushing around less and having less stuff around the house (donating and selling things we don’t need).  I am adamant about saying no to extra teaching opportunities.  I know the kids and I both like, and need some downtime throughout the week.

We’ve said no to more gatherings when we already have one or two things on the schedule for the weekend.  That is really hard sometimes, because we just love seeing friends and family.  Sometimes it’s okay to say no to the fun gathering or event. When we say no more often, we can really just focus on that quality time together with people instead of cramming in quantity.  I know that rushing and cramming just overwhelms Jacob, myself and the kids.

I am also blogging WAY less!  This makes me sad, but I know it’s just a season (or year?).  Again, cramming so many things in to one day can be overwhelming, especially when it might take my attention away from the kiddos.  I’m so happy I found this slice of time this morning to hop on my computer (I had a canceled class so it worked out perfectly).

I cannot tell you the number of times I’m doing dishes or driving and my mind comes up with my best ideas of things to write about.  I can have an entire blog post ready to go in my head, and my fingers never meet the keyboard.  I even have some recipes written down and pictures taken, but I don’t make it to the computer for quite some time.  Thankfully, I know, when a moment opens up (like today, yay!), I can share what has been waiting on my mind.

Did you choose a focus word for the year?  It’s never too late to join!


Design your summer

The idea to design your summer – make it look how you want it to look – feel how you want it to feel really intrigues me.  Like I stated in the beginning, summer is just my favorite!  I also want it to feel really special to my kiddos.  None of them are in school yet, so for them it’s not a big break from school.  However, I love creating memories and if I can do this in a certain season, make it really stand out, I sure as heck want to.

I began writing a list of all the things I wanted to do over the summer – a summer “bucket list” if you will.  I kept adding and adding to the list and right now have about 41 items on it.

Then I got to thinking, less – less – less.  Instead of cramming my time with so many “things” to check off the summer list, I need to focus on the few specific activities I really want to do, then create a feel for the summer.  A summer vibe.


So instead of 41 activities to busy up my time, here are 5 that I really want to do, that we don’t do or have not yet done before.

  1. hike moulton falls
  2. make ice cream in a can
  3. pick up crepes for a park picnic
  4. watch a baseball game in town with the kids
  5. visit cedar creek grist mill and learn how flour is made

It was really hard to narrow my list down, but so many other things I know we’ll do anyways (like a trip to the zoo, pool party, berry picking, frog catching).  If they’ll naturally happen anyways, why write them on my list and add pressure>

The summer vibe I’m looking for: relaxed outside time to explore and learn, filled with good friends and good food.

Summer — we just can’t wait for you!


Do you design your summer?  What are some must do summer activities you have, or the summer vibe you are going for?


whole30 wrap up + a day of whole30 eats


Our whole30 came to an end a while back.  Time for a recap!  In actuality, I’m calling it a whole3weeks, but I’ll get into that in just a few moments.  I wanted to start off by sharing what a day of whole30 eating looked like for me, so I snapped pictures to not forget.  Let’s get into it!

Want to read more about what the whole30 is and our reasons behind starting it?  Read my intro to whole30 post.

A day of Whole30 eats

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.18.35 AM

I started my morning with coffee + nutpods unsweetened original creamer, x2.  It’s dark when I rise, so lighting wasn’t the best.  I’m sure you can imagine some yummy, creamy coffee here. :)


Breakfast: leftover seared salmon, 2 fried eggs over roasted sweet potatoes and blackberries

I could eat this forever and ever. (And ever and ever.)


Post-workout snack: adelle’s apple chicken sausage and roasted sweet potatoes


Lunch: leftover tandoori chicken over parsnip/cauliflower puree, avocado, hot sauce, chipotle kraut, grapes and cucumbers

Basically the most random mix of leftovers from the fridge.


Snack: bacon and kumquats, along with a la croix

The kids picked kumquats out at the store and they definitely need to… grow on me. 😬


Dinner: shredded bbq chicken salad with bacon, tomatoes, bell peppers, avocado + potato wedges and dairy-free ranch for dipping

Again, could eat!

Most days I found I wouldn’t fuel well enough at lunch time.  It is a bit more rushed as I’m trying to feed the kids after we get back home, clean them up and get ready for naps.  When my afternoon snack doesn’t satisfy, I know my last meal wasn’t substantial enough.

Whole30 wrap up

We cut the whole30 (whole3weeks) short for 2 reasons – I wanted to have some extra time to go through the reintroduction phase before our weekend away where we would not have as much control over what we ate, and Jacob was ready to be done.

Was it a success?  Yes!  Jacob changed his taste buds and got away from processed foods, and allowed his taste buds to enjoy real, unprocessed foods a lot more.  He noticed that too much dairy doesn’t make him feel great, and sugar makes him feel less than great too.  However, he didn’t feel like he got enough fuel for his workouts and gain goals in the gym.  He felt like he was losing weight and muscle and that was not a goal of his.

I though the whole30 met my goals as well!  My bloating was gone, I was majorly inspired by so many new recipes and flavors and my energy was great too.  I definitely leaned out, which really wasn’t a goal of mine, but hey, seeing a 6 pack after having 3 kids was pretty fun!

I only got to slowly reintroduce oatmeal and rice back in the week before our weekend away.  I did fine with the rice, but was sad that oatmeal gave me some stomach pains!  I just love oatmeal so I’ve way slowed down on my consumption of it compared to normal.  Dairy hasn’t made me feel great so I’m watching my consumption and taking notes when I do eat it.

It was interesting to note, on our weekend away we enjoyed a flight of beers and pizza at a new to us brewery.  Something we’ve done many times before, but coming off of a whole30 into that amount of food and drinks left our stomach so full and uncomfortable, even into the next day!  Our systems were just no longer used to pizza and beer in larger amounts, which is probably a good thing!

All in all, the whole30 was a success.  It educated us a bit more on what foods make us feel good, and which leave us feeling crummy, but there were times when we definitely felt restricted.  I’m planning to continue watching how dairy and oats make me feel, and just see what I can tolerate.

And every since the whole30 I’ve had crockpot pork carnitas on a weekly repeat, which is without a doubt the biggest win!  So good.

You’ve got to try the recipe you guys!  –> crockpot pork carnitas <–  Thank me later 😉

Tell me, what successes have you had with food challenges (whole30 or not)?   Do you have a recipe you just can’t stop making?  Share!


30+ starchy vegetable side dish recipes + my whole30 intro


This week the hubs and I embarked on the Whole30 challenge.  The Whole30 is a 30 day program where you focus on eating real foods, while eliminating potentially problematic foods to see how your body does without them.  You focus on eating meats, vegetables, fruits and fats, while excluding dairy, gluten, all grains, soy, legumes, sugar and alcohol.  Pretty much paleo but amp up to a whole ‘nother level!

Why take on the Whole30 challenge?

My husband Jacob had the initial desire to do it.  He felt he needed some help with his food choices — something to really shock his system that would help him work on enjoying real foods (vegetables mainly) a lot more.  I love being creative in the kitchen and can always figure out something to eat with what we have in the house, but I know for him he would simply resort to some kind of dairy or snacky food instead of thinking about balancing his food choices and making the best choices for his body and energy levels.

And why did I decide to take on the whole30 challenge? Well I’m just such a great wife (HA!) and I said I’d do it to support him!  I wasn’t looking forward to not having half and half in my coffee, but since I found nutpods I’ve been so content!  Perfectly creamy and unsweetened just like I like my coffee.

nutpods - non dairy half and half

Today we are 4 days in and I’m feeling pretty dang good.  Maybe a little tired, but that could also have to do with needing a bit more sleep (Nova just turned one and still isn’t sleeping through the night……).  I did a very thorough meal plan (using the Whole30 book – the foods have been delish!) over the weekend, grocery shopped and then spent time on Saturday and Sunday prepping sauces, veggies, meats and breakfast to-go for Jacob to simplify the week.

whole30 dinner

The importance of carbohydrates

Going into the Whole30 I knew I wanted to be careful that it didn’t turn into a low-carb diet.  Since I’m still nursing and teaching 6-7 group fitness classes a week, I wanted to ensure that I felt energized enough for the workouts, my milk supply didn’t diminish and that I didn’t lose weight, since that’s not a goal of mine.  I’m looking forward to see if the bloating I occasionally notice decreases, and if my energy skyrockets.

Vegetables and fruits are where we are finding our carbohydrates from: mainly potatoes (white, gold, red, sweet, yams), root vegetables (carrots, parsnips, turnips, beets), squashes (butternut, acorn, delicata) plantains and bananas.  I feel like potatoes every night can get pretty boring pretty quickly, so I’ve been really creative with my list and figured if I’m planning it out for us, I may as well share the list with you all!  These starchy sides aren’t just for the Whole30 – they’re wonderful for everyone and are definitely foods I include in my normal real food diet.

Want to read more about what I typically eat?  Check out this post: no diets, just eat real food

Starchy vegetable side dish recipes

I hope you find a recipe or two to include in your meal rotation.  I’ve broken them into 5 categories, so if you’re really looking for a potato dish or something with carrots, just check out the section and try one out!

whole30 starchy vegetable side dishes

Potatoes (white, gold, red)

Sweet potatoes

Root vegetables



Now my question for you – what is YOUR favorite starchy vegetable side dish recipe?  Have you done the Whole30 challenge before?  Happy eating!



banana carrot almond flour pancakes


These banana carrot almond flour pancakes are my new favorite breakfast!  There is so much to love about them – the flavor (sweet from the ripe bananas), the texture (soft but not mushy), and the goodness inside them (eggs! bananas! carrots! almond flour!).


They are similar to my banana-egg-oat pancakes but made grain free with an added ump of veggies from the finely grated carrots.  Paleo and whole30 friendly if that what you’re looking for.  Perfect for anyone who’s looking for a breakfast that tastes like a treat, but is really filled with real whole food ingredients that energize your body! We love them topped with a little butter or natural peanut butter + unsweetened shredded coconut, which gives them even more staying power from the fat.

Related: my 10 favorite fats

My kids love them too – but really they get excited for any pancake.  I don’t try to hide veggies in food because I like them to know what they are eating.  That said, you really could not tell that there are 1.5 cups of carrots in the whole batch!  It’s just a bonus in case you do have picky eaters (kids and adults alike).  The key is to finely grate the carrots.  This makes them almost melt into the batter and become invisible, adding bulk and stability to the pancakes, along with sweetness.  Win-win-WIN!


Prep them ahead of time by grating the carrots in advance and even mixing the batter up the night before.  They keep well in the fridge for a couple of days (if they last!).

Enjoy your new favorite breakfast!


Banana Carrot Almond Flour Pancakes

Makes about 12 pancakes


  • 3 ripe bananas
  • 5 eggs
  • 1.5 cups finely grated carrots
  • 1/2 cup almond flour
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • coconut oil for cooking
  • optional for topping: unsweetened shredded coconut + butter or natural peanut butter


  1. Pre-heat electric griddle to 350 degrees or a large non-stick skillet to medium-high heat on the stove top.
  2. In a medium bowl mash the bananas then whisk in the eggs.  Stir the carrots, almond flour, cinnamon and sea salt into the banana-egg mixture.
  3. Add coconut oil to the griddle/pan and pour 1/4-1/3 cup of batter for each pancake.  Cook on the first side for 3-5 minutes, or until the top begins to bubble, then flip and cook another 2-3 minutes.  Repeat with remaining batter.
  4. Sprinkle unsweetened shredded coconut on top or your favorite pancake toppings!

Tell me about the last pancakes you ate.  What is your go-to recipe?  Happy weekend all!


choose a focus word for the new year



The new year is right around the corner and lately I’ve been hearing a ton about resolutions, new beginnings and challenges people are looking to take on.  What about you, is it surrounding you too?  Are you getting excited for new challenges and goals?

For me, I don’t really jive with resolutions.  I am of the mind set that if I want to do something, I’m just going to start it when it becomes important in my mind.  Maybe you’re the same way, or maybe you thrive with goals to meet.

how to choose a focus word for the year

Whether you are into it or not, I have a new idea to throw out to you: choose a focus word for the year.

Focus Word for the Year

What is a focus word?  It is a word (or phrase) that you want your year to be about.  When you’re faced with decision throughout the year, your focus word will guide you.  When you look back on your year, the feel of the word/phrase shines through.

I’ve asked a few people around me think about what their focus word would be.  I had them share the word that popped into their mind first – what their heart was telling them.  Happier was shared a couple times along with more.  It’s so interesting to hear what other people’s focus words would be!

My focus word for 2017 is less.

Less seems so negative to me, because I am naturally drawn to more.  Doing more.  Being more.  Less is not a word I sought out, but my mind kept picturing it, and my heart kept sharing it.

Less to me means less running around and having time filled, less clutter and objects, and also saying no more to things.  Less of that so I can really do more of what is super important to me: connected with my people.


I’m excited to see how my focus word guides me throughout the next year!

Does a particular word or phrase stand out to you as you go into the new year?  Please share!

Cheers and happy new year!


DIY orange butterfly costume


Last week I shared Hunter’s DIY green T-Rex costume, and this week it is all about Zoe’s DIY orange butterfly costume!  I am completely in love with how adorable this turned out.  The flowers, the wings, the little flutter cap sleeves…. it’s just perfection.

DIY orange butterfly costume

I love the process of letting the kids pick out what they want to be dressed up as for Halloween.  We start talking about it a good month and a half before the actual day so they can really settle into their choice and know that once mama starts making their costume, there’s no switching.  Hunter was easy, he has a green T-Rex stuffed animal he loves, and never wavered from that.  I just showed him different costume ideas I saw on Pinterest and we both settled on the paper mache dino mask I shared last week.  You can read so much more about his full green dinosaur costume if you’d like.

Since Zoe is only 2.5 years old, she still needs ideas to pick from.  I start by sharing different costume ideas starting with animals and different jobs (think doctor, firefighter, etc.), while keeping in mind my own costume making ability.  Once she heard butterfly she was set.  I did the same thing with her, we looked at butterfly costume ideas on Pinterest and she settled on being a blue butterfly.  But, the blue didn’t last because I couldn’t find blue butterfly wings I liked so when it got down to time to order wings she chose orange instead, which worked out perfectly.

This year was my favorite costume making yet!  Everything came together and even has function after halloween is over.  Read on for the DIY orange butterfly costume deets!

DIY orange butterfly costume


Here are the details on Zoe’s DIY orange butterfly costume!

DIY orange butterfly costume - flower antenna headband

Flower antenna headband

This is my most favorite part of the costume.  It is also Zoe’s least favorite part of the costume.  She only kept it on for some pictures, so I’m saving it until she’s into it and wants to dress up with it.

My inspiration came from this pin for an antenna for sale.  Once I saw it I knew I could easily make one.  Even better, it was EASY!

Flower antenna headband how-to:

I started with a headband of Zoe’s that fit well.  I then used my hot glue gun to attach the rest. The antenna is black floral wire I wrapped around the headband and glued on, then shaped the swirly antenna.  The flowers and leaves are fake and cut off of stems of flowers I picked up at the craft store. The orange butterfly is a clip I also picked up at the craft store.  Easy peasy!

Orange butterfly wings

I wanted oversized wings on my little girl so I ended up purchasing orange adult sized butterfly wings on amazon.  I’m super happy with them!  Before I shorted the elastic for the arms, I wore them a couple times for my costume (a kids bday party and my body pump class on Halloween).  They move really well with you and have a pretty sparkle!

Here are the specific wings I purchased: Orange monarch butterfly wings

Black geranium dress with flutter sleeves

The geranium dress is my go-to pattern and I love using it in a solid color for costumes because then it can be worn as an everyday dress too.

Orange tights

Zoe already had thick orange tights on hand for her costume – they are these from Hanna Anderson.

Bonus tutu

I hadn’t planned this into her costume, but for some added fun she wore her yellow-gold tutu I made her last Christmas.  I tied it high in line with the waist of the dress.  The tutorial came from the book Oliver + S Little Things to Sew.

DIY orange butterfly costume - tutu

If you were going to be a butterfly, what color would you be?  I love the look of this blue butterfly (my original inspiration for Zoe’s costume), but orange seemed so classic – I loved it too!

DIY orange butterfly costume

Happy crafting!



DIY t-rex costume


Hello and happy November!  Last night we took the kids trick of treating with some friends and had a blast.  I hope you did too!

Today I’m here to share Hunter’s costume with you – a DIY T-Rex costume!


In the past, Halloween really wasn’t a day I was super into.  However, after having kids and getting the joy of making their costumes + watching their excitement for trick or treating has changed how I looked at the holiday.  I love how kids make everything more fun!

This year I made two costumes: a green dinosaur t-rex and an orange butterfly.  The kids picked out what they wanted to be and I ran with it.  It was invigorating letting my creative side come out again and actually sewing after a solid 8 month hiatus (hello third baby!).  I’m so happy with how their costumes came together.  Today I’m going to share Hunter’s t-rex costume and all the parts to it.  The next post with be my adorable butterfly girl Zoe!



There were three parts that helped to create Hunter’s costume: the t-rex paper mache mask, the dinosaur tail and green clothing.

T-Rex paper mache mask

I found a tutorial for this diy paper mache dinosaur mask and knew I had to make it.  I hadn’t paper mache’d in probably close to 20 years, and it was such fun!  I’m seriously thinking about all the things I want to paper mache now.

The mask starts with a construction hat, it is then shaped with cardboard pieces, balloons for the eyes and lots of tape to add more shape.  After that the paper mache is added and to finish it paint is applied.  All in all it probably took me 5-6 hours, but since it was spread out over a week the project didn’t seem challenging or overwhelming at all.

Dinosaur tail

Hunter’s green dinosaur tail with black spikes came straight from this tutorial on running with scissors.  The construction is really simple and the function is fantastic!  The tail has gotten a ton of use and I have more tails I plan to make just for play around the house.

Green clothing

Finding green clothing was the most simple part of the costume.  You can use whatever solid green clothes you have around, or buy solid green PJs which you can then you after Halloween is over too.  Our green top and bottoms didn’t match the mask and tail, but it still worked out great. :)


How was your Halloween?  What was your favorite or most creative costume that you saw?


how to build a meal worthy salad in 5 simple steps


You guys, I have been salad obsessed.  O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D.

build a meal worthy salad

I love food, and I love eating, but I’ll admit some foods make me feel better than others.  Salads make me feel especially good, but don’t always leave me feeling full and satisfied.  I need a meal with some oomph to them, and these meal worthy salads sure do the trick!

For over a month now I’ve been eating filling, delicious and energizing salads for lunch.  I eat them for probably 80% of my lunches.  Those days that I don’t have my big salad, and I choose leftovers because I’m hurried and need to eat, I am left feeling tired right after.  There is something about fresh greens that energizes me.

build a meal worthy salad


I’m hooked on them in the best kinda way.  I hope you can be too!  Here is how I like to build my meal worthy salads so that I’m not bored, they taste great and I get a variety of foods throughout the week.

STEP 1 // Build your base

This is where you choose your greens to create the base for your salad.

Ideas: romaine lettuce, spring greens, kale, arugula, spinach, cabbage or any combination of lettuces

STEP 2 // Add your protein

Typically I use leftover meat from dinners here to keep it simple.

Ideas: chicken, steak strips, taco meat, burger patty, turkey meatballs, shredded bbq pork, roasted salmon, lunch meat, chicken sausage, salami, tuna, sardines, hard boiled eggs, beans and tofu

STEP 3 // Increase the carbs

A salad that is just vegetables and protein won’t hold me over.  I need a good mix of carbs, protein and fat.

Ideas: roasted sweet potato cubes (my fav!), roasted potatoes, cooked corn off the cob, cut and crisped corn tortilla strips, apple or pear, roasted butternut squash

STEP 4 // Make it interesting

This is where you can throw in whatever vegetables you have on hand – freshly cut or leftover roasted veggies work great.  I also like to add nuts, seeds or avocado here too.  Offer your salad some extra textures and crunch that may be missing.

Ideas: cucumber, tomato, broccoli, avocado, bell peppers, mushrooms, cheese, nuts and seeds, dried fruits, bacon

Step 5 // Dress it up nicely

Dressings and sauces make food so much more interesting.  Prep one or two dressings ahead of time and you’ll save time on this step to finish your salad game strong!

Ideas: kefir ranch (we cannot get enough of this), honey poppyseed dressing, lemon vinaigrette, oil and vinegar/lemon juice, a mix of kerif ranch + sweet onion salsa, a mix of kerif ranch + peanut sauce, a mix of kerif ranch + bbq sauce, caesar dressing

build a meal worthy salad

I hope this leaves you inspired to create interesting and delicious meal worthy salad creations!  See more of my salads on instagram as I keep sharing them, and tag me (@fitmamarealfood) if you create your own meal worthy salad.  I’d love to see it and be inspired!

Tell me, how would you build your ideal meal worthy salad in 5 steps? I’ll go first: mixed greens, roasted salmon, roasted sweet potatoes cubes, cucumber, kefir ranch mixed with bbq sauce

And that is how you win the salad game.


the plan that fixed all my laundry folding problems


Can I get a hand raise from the laundry folding haters?

(My hand is WAY up high.)

Out of the multitude of household chores that suck the life out of you, laundry sure is at the top of the list.  To be specific, folding laundry is the troublesome part for me.  I can wash and dry laundry all day long.  In fact, I’m pretty good at it.  Like really good.  But those piles.  Oh those piles just keep getting bigger and bigger and the dirty laundry just doesn’t stop.  I have my moments, very few moments when I am on top of my laundry folding game, but the majority of the time, I am stuck in a losing battle.

The problem with so many laundry folding plans

I’ve tried the suggestion to just fold the laundry once it finishes in the dryer, but that just wasn’t realistic.  It wasn’t realistic because i just wouldn’t do it, then the piles would grow.  Scratch that plan off the list.

I’ve tried telling myself I’ll just fold one load before going to bed, but then I get tired and go to bed.

I then flipped that and tried folding a load first thing in the morning, which actually worked okay for a while, but then mornings seemed to get busy and I hate rushing so it didn’t stick.  Another plan bites the dust.

The plan to have a single laundry day where you wash and fold everything… yeah that one never had a chance.  Just imagining the amount of laundry would be too overwhelming (10-12 loads) plus running out of things that I want to re-wear just didn’t sound ideal.

Sounds like I’m full of excuses!  (I am)  However, I was determined to win this multiple year long battle.

the plan that fixed all my laundry folding problems

The plan that fixed all my laundry folding problems

I am winning the battle because I figured out a plan that has been working for me!  Here is my plan that has made laundry a stress free chore:

I picked two evenings that are my laundry folding days.  For me it’s been working out to be Mondays and Thursdays.  I knew I wanted the weekend to be free from this chore.  I’m also usually pretty tired on those two evenings so it works out that all I want to do is put a show on to watch.  Since I’m watching a show folding laundry doesn’t seem as daunting of a task.  I also put all of mine and hub’s clothes away after folding and then the next morning I put the towels and kid’s clothes away.

Laundry: no more stress!

Once I figured out this plan it was like a weight was lifted.  The stress of having to fold laundry was instantly gone because I was no longer worrying about when to fit it in, now I know that on Mondays and Thursdays I’ll be folding laundry.  It’s just what I do on those nights.  I don’t even do much thinking about running the washer until those days or the night before.  Laundry is no longer cluttering my brain and it’s getting done!

Maybe this plan is for you, but maybe not.  I sure hope it helps somebody out and you get to turn this dreaded chore into just another thing on your schedule.

Tell me, are you in the love or loath laundry camp?  How do you get your laundry folding done?  Share  your secret plan!  Do you think a plan like this would be your solution?


aren’t you a bit chubby for that skirt?

words I never want my daughters to hear about their bodies

I remember the exact moment when I learned I was a chubby little girl.  I must have been somewhere in the 6-8 year old age range, but really that part doesn’t really matter.  We were at a church picnic, I was wearing a demin skirt and having a blast playing all the games that were set up and just running around like kids do.  In just a few seconds of time, my whole view shifted.  An older gray haired lady made a simple one sentence comment that changed how I looked at myself and the world around me.

“Aren’t you a bit chubby for that skirt?”

And it couldn’t be undone.  My new world view couldn’t be undone.

I don’t remember if I just moved on or went somewhere and cried, but it was a big moment.  My eyes were opened.  I realized that I wasn’t just normal kid (which I was), but I was chubby kid.  It was now how I looked at myself.  I wasn’t just Heather, I was an active little girl that had some chub on her and apparently that wasn’t okay to that lady.

Now that I’m 29 I can look back on it and see it was just some elderly lady saying what was on her mind, probably with no ill intentions.  But in that moment I was hurt.  That single sentence changed how I was going to look at my body for the rest of my life.

words I never want my daughters to hear about their bodies

I have two beautiful little girls.  Two perfect girls.  It hurts my heart so much to think about them going through a moment like that.  I want their minds to stay innocent for as long as possible.  I want their views of the world and how they look not to be based on what someone else said.  I don’t want the choices they make to be because someone said their body wasn’t good enough.  Dear Lord I sure don’t want that for them.

But I know eventually they’ll hear people talking negatively about their body or overhear someone putting down their own body.  That they aren’t good enough because they aren’t thin/athletic/tall/you-name-it enough.  And that makes me so sad.

words I hope my daughters never hear

But I have hope.  I have hope that more and more people will read messages like this.  That they’ll think twice before they make a comment to young girls or even adult ladies.  You never know how much words can impact a person, so please please please keep your thought to yourself about my daughter’s bodies.  Let them be little sweet girls for as long as possible.  Don’t poison their minds with negative body image thoughts.

I know my past can’t be changed and I’ll always remember that moment, but what I can do it raise strong girls that love their bodies.  Strong confident girls that won’t be affected by a negative comment like I was.  Strong girls that love themselves and aren’t dependent on the approval of others.

Let’s raise up the girls around us, and not tear them down with little comments.  You never know what words will stick.