1) I’m back home after a glorious 3 days up at the lake house.  I did absolutely nothing other than hang with the hubs, read, catch up on my much needed food network, ate out a couple times and helped myself feel bloated.  Chips, pretzels, m & m’s and golden grahams anyone?


2)  Okay, okay, okay, I did get a nice run in and a very stretching morning insanity workout (cardio recovery).  Those were 2 nice things. 

3)  I’m feeling a little off target this morning after a weekend away.  I didn’t do my usual meal planning + grocery shopping.  Instead I hopped over to Costco + a stop at Freddies on the way up to the lake house.



4)  I hoped I wouldn’t have to pick up much more for this week, but then the tables turned.  I left all our food in the fridge at the lake, completing spacing it from my brain not realizing it until the second we walk in the door at home.  Whoops!

5)  I guess groceries will be a bit more than expensive this week. 

6)  I quickly meal planned hoping to go to the store last night, but I’ll run by after work.  3 things I’ll be making?  Quinoa corn chowder, black bean burgers and rice n beans.

7)  I landed a spot teaching cycling on Thursday evenings at the Marshall Center!  Remember that being one of my September goals?  Well I guess it needed to be an October goal.

8)  In less than 2 weeks I have my weekend of body pump training… I hope to get my materials this week to start learning the choreography.

9)  I want to start running at least twice a week.  I’ve kind of fallen off my running wagon and seem to only run once a week now.  It makes me feel rusty and clumpy, but I want to feel graceful and light.


10)  We have been eating meat again.  Like I mention before, I added in fish and Jacob had a burger.  Over the weekend whenever we ate out, we ordered something with meat.  So far none has been purchased for the house… maybe we’ll keep meat for special occasions outside of the house?

How was your weekend?  Anything you’re dying to share?!


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0 thoughts on “10 for monday morning”

  1. Before I became a vegetarian, I saved meat for when I ate at restaurants. Now that I’ve been considering incorporating some meat, I think I’ll go back to it because handling raw meat gives me the heebie-jeebies!

  2. whoooooops! Its hard to remember to grab things you left in the fridge! Congrats on the spin class! You will do great at pump training. Good stuff. Quinoa corn chowder? mmm

  3. The weekend was awesome! The weather on the east coast has been summer like and I’m enjoying every second of it. Lots of outdoor time this weekend and it felt oh so good. Nothing major to report here, but if something does happen, I’ll report back. HA! Have a great Monday!

  4. Sounds like a great, lounging weekend – those are so needed sometimes! And I totally know you mean when it comes to lighter running weeks = clumpy and slow feeling as a runner…even though I always want to mix-up my strength training with my running, if I’m consistent in my runs it helps me feel like I’m staying “in practice” and I love that. 😀

    Here’s to a great week ahead, Heather (and way to plan those meals so quick! I need to get better at that)!

  5. Congratulations on getting a class teaching cycling! Doesn’t matter that you didn’t achieve this goal last month, at least you didn’t stop pursuing this goal. Body pump this sounds so cool! I’m guessing you will eventually be teaching this too 🙂

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