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Thanks for the comments on yesterday’s meal plan and talk about spending more on quality food.  In regards to the comments on couponing – if you’re wondering how it’s done, here’s what I do.  I get The Krazy Coupon Lady daily emails from her extreme couponing sectio, which basically tell you what coupons to use/combine for an item at a particular store.  It took me a little bit of time to get into a rhythm of what stores to plan for (I definitely don’t go to all in my area), but now it’s pretty simple.  That’s where I would suggest starting!  Hope that helps any future couponers out there. 🙂

Today we’re talking about napping.  Hunter has officially switched to being a once a day napper!  I say it with excitement now, but for a while I really didn’t want him to make the switch anytime soon.  I liked how our schedule worked.  It fit in nicely with the time I was already away from home teaching.  But I do have to say, this works out so much better now!  Plus, I feel like I get a ton more Hunter time in.  And it’s happy Hunter time too.

Hunter will be 16 months on Saturday, so technically he’s closer to 16 months, than 15 months.


The switch happened last week after I made the decision to try it out.  Before that he was normally napping around 11am for about 45 minutes, then again in the afternoon around 3pm for 2-3 hours.  Early last week his afternoon naps started to become shorter and shorter, and he’d take longer and longer to fall asleep – sometimes being down in his bed for 1-1.5 hours.  Thankfully he’s happy in his bed and just plays, but still, that’s a long time to just hang out before falling asleep.  After a day when I’m pretty sure he didn’t even take an afternoon nap, and only a 30 minute morning nap, I decided it was time to try and see how just 1 nap a day would go.  The next day he went down around 12:15pm, right after lunch, and napped for 3 hours.  He was in such a happy mood the rest of the night!  I worried that he’d get cranky before bed since he’s normally only up for 1.5-2 hours before going down for the night, but he rocked all the way through until 7pm like a champ.

My other concern was driving in the car between 11am-12pm, when he’d normally fall asleep for a nap.  So far he hasn’t dosed off at all, and even today when we were driving home at noon, I just gave him some raisins to munch on to keep him occupied.  If he’d already had lunch I wouldn’t mind so much if he fell asleep in the car, since he’ll stay asleep when I transfer him to bed, but we still needed to eat, so napping wasn’t an option then.


I don’t know why I get surprised anymore when Hunter handles a change or transition so well.  He seems to just go with the flow and smiles through it.  We’re so blessed to have such a happy go lucky kid.

What worked for us during the 2 –> 1 nap transition was waiting until he was actually ready to be up longer in the morning and evening.  I think if I had tried to force this a month or so ago, it would not have gone so smoothly.  Also, he’s been getting a snack in the mid morning, then when he wakes from his nap in the afternoon as well.  Either fruit or cheese normally.  So he’s gone from 3 main meals a day, to 3 meals + 2 snacks.

That’s what’s new in Hunter’s world!


This week we’re learning all about leaves with our arts and crafts.  I’ll be sure to share my extremely inexpensive, toddler ‘leaf’ activities once the week is through!  Also, it’s kind of weird to call Hunter a toddler… he’s not a little baby anymore. 🙁

When did your kiddo transition to 1 nap a day?  Any fun fall leaf activities that we should include?

Have a great rest of the day!


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  1. I SO agree–I was really nervous about the transition, and now I love love it. You can actually accomplish something during a longer nap! Hope Kay keeps it up for a long while!

  2. On the weekends when he is just with me, my kid has been on a one nap schedule for the longest time, but with the nanny during the week he always always always has two naps, and it’s the same how you describe, sort of a poor morning nap and afternoon nap. I keep telling her to just try the one so that it is easier on the weekends for me too, but I guess he just has to have those naps. I’m not trying to force it to go faster, but I have always had a feeling my guy needs way less daytime sleep in order to help with the night time. But Man! I never thought I would be so obsessed about someone else’s sleep needs.

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