Did I make it to the store Monday? Nope. Tuesday? Nada. Wednesday? Yes, finally!

One great way to spend less? Grocery shop less often, or in my case, procrastinate and head to the store later in the week.

I had my list all planned out (find it here), but got a couple more additions from Jacob (who is currently obsessed with hot dogs and needed ketchup + buns) + I picked up some things that weren’t on my list but where awesome deals.

I ended up going to three stores: chucks produce (mainly produce), winco (pantry items) and the oroweat outlet (bread).  I also like to get my whole wheat bread from chucks, but they were out for the day – boo!  I’ll just have to wait until the next time I go.

Here’s what I got at chucks

  • 2 pounds strawberries – 1.38 (such a great deal – 69 cents a pound!)
  • 2 walla wall sweet onions – 0.86
  • 2 peaches – 0.97
  • 2 nectarines – 0.83
  • 2 plums – 0.98
  • oven roasted turkey – 3.14

Spent at chucks- $8.16

I always look at their weekly specials online before going, that way I can know what to look for when I’m there. Produce is always a great price, good quality and they focus on getting as much from around the area as possible.

I also like to get our meat there, again when things are on sale. That’s when I tend to stock up. Venturing into the aisles though, that gets spendy.

From winco

  • ketchup – 1.48
  • sliced pineapple – 0.98
  • contact solution – 8.97
  • sandwich bags – 1.40
  • half and half – 1.65
  • bananas – 0.54
  • tax – 0.87
  • refund for bringing bag – 0.06

Spent at winco – $15.83

And lastly oroweat

  • hot dog buns – 1.00
  • whole wheat hamburger buns – 1.00
  • whole wheat english muffins – 1.00

Spent at oroweat – $3.00

Now for the grand totals and to see how I’m doing on my $200 challenge.

Total from 3 stores – 26.99

Grand total spent so far – 91.25

Money remaining through August 16 – $108.75

I’m very happy with how my grocery shopping went. I kept my list short, which naturally helped me spend less. I ended up having a more expensive grocery item on the list (contact solution), but even with that I didn’t spend too much.  Usually with things like contact solution I can find a coupon online, which I actually did, but our printer was acting up so I couldn’t print it.  I could have driven to my parents house to print it, but to just save $1 didn’t seem worth it.

Another thing to keep in mine is that it was easy to keep my grocery list relatively short since we have a pantry and freezer to work with. I’ll have to work at maintaining those when things are on sale.

Also, I planned 6 meals for the week but know I can bring it down to 5. We had leftovers yesterday and now have dinner plans at a friends house for Saturday. Guess I’ll just shift my meals into Monday instead of ending on Sunday.

In addition to what I purchased, here’s what came from my CSA delivery on Tuesday.

  • kale
  • swiss chard
  • diakon radishes
  • green onion
  • lots of snow peas
  • basil
  • cherry tomatoes
  • potatoes

I need to find something to do with these diakon radishes.

Radishes are not my favorite (at all), but I hate wasting. Any ideas on how to hide them in a dish or transform them to something tasty?

Hope your Friday is going well!


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