Happy mother’s day!

I hope you mamas get treated extra special or treat your mamas special today. We shall see if Jacob plans anything for me. 🙂

Joe decided to treat me like a mama last night at 3am when he started puking… thank you very much dog…

We have a pretty relaxing day planned that I know of. Church, a little grocery shopping, dog walk and hopefully a little clean up around the house. It’s crazy how easily it gets messy. It seems like we spend a day making it look all pretty, then in no time we have junk laying around again. It’s a never ending battle! Happen to anyone else? I also plan to make one more freezer meal today. My freezer really can’t take much more than one.

With all these freezer meals I’ve been making, I can’t forget about fresh foods too. We’ll have easy access to the farmer’s market this summer, but since I have no clue what life with a baby will be like, I decided to plan ahead and make my life easy for 25 weeks, at least in the produce department.

I signed up for my first CSA this year! About 1 month ago I began receiving a produce bag from Hidden Oasis, a local farm.

Wondering what a CSA is?

CSA stands for community supported agriculture, and it’s just that – the community (you!) supporting and helping out local farms. You help the farms by investing your money in them (paying for your share in their season of produce), and they help you by giving you yummy fresh produce. It’s really win-win.  Local produce is the best.  You get it basically straight out of the ground, and it doesn’t have to travel very far.

With a CSA there is no guarantee of what you’ll get. If the farmer has a bad season, produce might be sparse, but when it’s good you reap the reward too!

How do you find a CSA?

Local Harvest is super helpful for picking a CSA and finding local farms in general area. You can search by zip code, which is what I did when looking for one. The farm will have their CSA pricing listed on there, how long the season runs and how you get your produce.

Why did we choose Hidden Oasis?

Hidden Oasis not only offers a CSA, they also have this other model called door-to-door, where weekly they’ll send you an email of what they have to offer, you place your order and they deliver the produce to you. Last year I ordered from them quite a bit. Their produce was always top notch and they were very nice to buy from.

This year I decided on their traditional CSA because it will be more affordable, force me to try new produce and because I know it’s good quality. While it is not an organic farm, I feel good knowing they use natural growing practices.

A couple more reasons we went with them is because they deliver directly to your house – most CSAs make you go to a centralized location to pick up your bag/box. I wanted the convenience of having it show up at my house every Tuesday. Their season last for 25 weeks, from April to October, which was one of the longer seasons I saw when researching. Plus the price broke down to $20 a week, which doesn’t seem too bad. The season started slowly in April, but will be booming soon especially with our amazing weather we’ve had.

If I was good at gardening, I may not sign up for a CSA because I’d probably receive a lot of the same stuff in the delivery that was growing well at my house. However, I am a very bad gardener, so this works out perfectly for me!

Since the CSA deliveries began Jacob and I have been eating a lot more greens. I love this! Knowing we’ll get fresh produce every week and that I need to get through my supply has definitely helped me amp up the veggie intake.

And once Hunter gets here, when I may not feel like grocery shopping, at least I’ll know produce will be showing up every week.

I gotta get my greens!

Have you ever signed up for a CSA? Did you have a good/bad experience? Where do you typically get your produce during the summer? Home grown, farmer’s market… ?

Happy (hopefully veggie filled) day!


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  1. Happy Mother’s Day! I love the CSA! I signed up about a month ago and I have gotten so many great items, and it’a little bit of everything, so I try not to waste any of it. I have my own garden, but I look forward to getting a surprise box delivered to my door every other week.

    Hope you have a fun and relaxing day and stop cleaning the house!

  2. I have been contemplating joining a CSA for awhile now. I really need to get on the ball and join one now. I would love to not shop for produce! Cant wait to see when your little on joins you!!!