I had to go back to my previous pregnancy post to see where I left off – 18 weeks!

As of today I am 22 weeks, 3 days pregnant.  Over half way there and with some definite new changes to share with you all.

I’ll sprinkle comparison pictures from my first pregnancy and second throughout the words.  First, a look at 19 weeks…


We are having a girl!  So so exciting.  At our ultrasound she was measuring right on track with my expected due date of February 18.

Time is seriously flying by.  I know, I said it last update too (I’ll probably say it every time), but I can’t believe I will be entering my 3rd trimester in less than 6 weeks!

She’s been moving a ton more lately.  In the evenings I’ve been rubbing my belly ever so softly (almost a tickle) and it gets her to move around.  It also makes my stomach tighten up a bit, nothing uncomfortable, but I forgot how those Braxton Hicks contractions felt.  I think they’ve started a bit earlier this pregnancy than with Hunter.  Maybe I just know what they are this time.

Although I have yet to have any muscle cramps or charlie horses (in my calves, those are the worst!), head burn has made an appearance over the last few weeks.  I usually get it in the evening after dinner/before bed, and mostly when I’m laying down.  It seems to be worse when I eat sweets… hmmm maybe that’s a sign to eat less sweets?? Nah.


The back pain I talked about in my last update is getting better! I’ve been getting a massage and/or massage + chiropractic adjustment every 2 weeks and I think it’s been helping.  I seem to have a bit more pain in the mornings coming from my left glute muscle, but throughout the day it isn’t bothering me like it was for a while.

I’ll be getting another massage this Friday and I think it will be the first time I need to use the pregnancy pillow.  My belly is growing and beginning to be a bit uncomfortable for stomach laying.  Makes me so sad since I love sleeping on my stomach!

At 19 weeks I noticed a switch in how I felt exercising.  It began getting tougher!  Luckily, I still feel pretty good while teaching and am able to continue.  I teach 7 regular classes a week, and on 3 of those days I teach 2 classes in one day, so after those two I’m pretty beat.  When I teach Body Combat I’ve begun doing the modifications a bit more and jump way less. Jumping was definitely aggravating my back pain and since I’ve been doing less and also going a bit lighter on my weights during Body Pump at times, it’s been better.

Sometimes it can be tough to go the easier route during a workout, especially as an instructor, but I have to listen to my body and respect what it needs.  Baby comes first!

I think one part of my tiredness while teaching also has to do with my sleep. I’ve turned into such a poor sleeper.  It takes me a long time to fall asleep – getting my brain to shut off – then I wake for a couple hours in the middle of the night.  No fun at all.  Weekends are nice because I get to sleep in a bit later, especially when Jacob gets up when Hunter wakes, but throughout the week it doesn’t really happen.  Can’t wait for this Saturday’s upcoming extra sleep!

Jacob thinks I’m just getting more uncomfortable sleeping as she grows, which is probably true.  My belly does feel a bit heavier and more noticeable now.  Also, looking at pregnancy one and two, my belly looks just a tad bigger this time.


At 22 weeks I’ve gained about 9-10 pounds.  I think it’ll be slow and steady this pregnancy.  With Hunter it was definitely a quick gain in the beginning that continued on all the way through.  My appetite seems pretty normal.  No odd cravings or aversions.  This week we’ve been eating delicious Mexican inspired meals (check em out here), breakfasts have been typically custard oatmeal and lunches are usually leftovers.  I even threw a salad into the mix!

Sorry if this post seemed like mostly complaining.  It’s just what’s going on with me right now, but I assure you this, I feel so happy being pregnant.  Knowing in a short 4 months we’ll get to bring our baby girl home with us warms my heart.  And also makes me want to hug Hunter more.  I’ve been super sappy about my Hunter time lately – I need more of it before it’s no longer just him and I together.

That’s all for now!  Hope you’re having a great Thursday.

How’s your week been going?


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  1. Oh you look adorable! I had lots of leg cramps when I was pregnant but I was still wearing my heels to work which probably contributed. Good for you for getting massages! I waited until the end to do that or go to the chiropractor and wish I had done it sooner. Next time!

  2. I have just started to follow you, I love what you do especially your food philosophies! I have a 12 month old, he wil be 12 months in just 2 weeks time, doesn’t the first year fly. I am looking forward to my next pregnancy,although it was tough at times, being pregnant was just such a wonderful time for me 😉

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