Today I am sharing 5 ways to celebrate your 4th baby.  Thank you to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post!

5 ways to celebrate your 4th baby

Here’s a trend I notice in my life as a mom with multiple kids.  I would love to know if you can relate.

With my first baby, Hunter, we celebrated his arrival with 3 baby showers, I wrote countless posts about my pregnancy with him, updates during his first and second year and I have a super cute baby book of pictures of his first year.  My mom even turned all of the posts I wrote into a very special book she bound!

Then with my second, Zoe, we celebrated her arrival with 1 baby show, I have written a handful of posts about my pregnancy with her and her first year of life.  No baby books.  It was the same situation with Nova, my third, except we didn’t have any baby shower and I’ve shared even less about her here on the blog.

Do you see a trend?  Less, less less.  Baby #4 was bound to have less shared and created for her, but not because her arrival is any less special.

I totally understand the excitement for the first baby.  Sharing all the new experiences and things I learned as a first time mom was fun for me!  But, looking back I kind of wish I had been more diligent about writing more about each of the girls too, just so I have written memories of them as little ones.  I have tons of pictures of each kid.  Thankfully that didn’t change!

I am determined to create more tangible memories for our final baby Holland and here’s how I’m going to do it.  Let’s dive into 5 ways to celebrate your 4th baby!

5 ways to celebrate your 4th baby

Simple photo baby book

For me, it’s a little overwhelming to think about scrap booking and creating a cute album with pictures and notes all over it.  So I’m not going to!  Instead, I’m going with a simple photo book where all I have to do is print out pictures and add little notes.  Something simple like this photo book option looks just right!

5 ways to celebrate your 4th baby

Special newborn pictures

We never made an effort to have someone take special pictures of any of the kids as itty bitty newborns or choose to do it ourselves, so I made it happen this time!  I kept it simple and just snapped a bunch of pics of her swaddled and in her birth suit.  I loved capturing her sweet face!

5 ways to celebrate your 4th baby

Plant a tree, plant or flowers

We weren’t 100% set on a name for Holland before she was born, but the name Sage was in the list.  I loved the idea of planting a sage bush to celebrate her arrival.  Since we named her Holland, I plan to add tons of tulips to our little tulip section because they’ll make me think of her every time I look at them.

5 ways to celebrate your 4th baby

Enjoy time with just baby and parents

We are so lucky to have family around that loves spending time with our kids and enjoys having them for overnighters.  We soaked in this sweet girl with extra time together as parents and just her when she was born, and plan to again when the bigger kids are away for some short overnighters in the near future.

5 ways to celebrate your 4th baby

Baby announcements

Baby announcements are something I’ve never even thought about sending out in the past.  However, after Basic Invite contacted me to check out their products and I looked through their catalog of invites and announcements, I just knew I needed a special and sweet announcement for Holland to remember all those details of her birth.  Something tangible to keep and look back on years later.

I chose the So Worth The Wait Announcements (she was 2 weeks late after all!) to have printed and they turned out so incredibly cute!  We made sure to give an announcement to each of the other kiddos too and save 1 for the eventual photo book I talked about above.  Hunter is turning his into a little book with notes written all about Holland in it – I love that!  The quality of paper used is sturdy and I just love the design and how it turned out!

5 ways to celebrate your 4th baby

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Whether it was baby #1 or baby #4, how have you created that special excitement for their arrival?  Have you sent out baby announcements before?


This post was sponsored by Basic Invite.  I received samples and compensation for sharing about the company, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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