I feel like yesterday’s post needs a follow up.  It wasn’t so much a plan for ‘how to lose baby weight’ – more just a ‘here’s where I’m at and kind of what I do’ post.

Honestly, there really isn’t a secret or trick that will help you lose weight.  Every body and everybody is different.  One thing that may work for me may not work for you, and visa versa.  With that said, here are some tips that may help you get in the direction that you want to go.  They’re great for anyone looking to lose weight (not just after baby), or to live a healthier lifestyle.

1. Stress less about the weight

This one may seem odd, but stress and worry really does the opposite of what we want.  Stress increases cortisol levels in our bodies, and high cortisol levels can make it more challenging to lose the pesky pounds.

2. Only weigh yourself once a week or monthly

This goes along with number one in a way.  Weighing yourself everyday doesn’t really show the entire picture.  Weight (especially in women) can fluctuate a lot daily.  Seeing the number go down can be exhilarating, but then seeing the number go up can be a downer, especially if you’re putting in a lot of effort.  Watch the scale less and focus on how you feel.  The number on the scale is not the entire picture.

3. Lift heavy weights

Muscle is a fat burning machine.  The more we have, the more calories we burn.  Do not be afraid the lift heavier weight.  And yes, that means more than those 1, 2 and 3 pounds dumbbells, ladies.  Weights should be challenging.  Get a little sweaty while you lift.

4. Sweat everyday

Consistent exercise is key in weight loss.  A little bit everyday goes a long way, even if it’s just 10-15 minutes.  By making it a daily habit, you’re programming your body to want more.  Trust me on this one.  Once you start to feel the effects of a bit of sweating each day, you will want more.  Not only for your body, but for your mind too.

5. Eat often

This may just be me, but my body craves food often.  Jacob makes fun of me all the time for always eating.  I never leave the house without a snacks on me, in my purse, in my car… sometimes in the diaper bag.  I don’t leave home without them because I know what I turn into if I don’t eat.  A grouch no one wants to be around. Also, being prepared away from home helps me make better choices.

6. Balance your meals

We don’t want to just eat all carbs, or all proteins, or all fats.  We need balance in our lives and in our meals.  Eat from every food group.  More on that in this post.

7. Drink water like you depend on it

…. because you do!  Did you know that our bodies are mostly made up of water?  Did you also know that when you begin to feel thirsty, it’s too late and that your body is already beginning to get dehydrated?  Always have water near you and sip on it all day long.

8. Slow and steady it goes

And that’s how you do win the race.  Quick weight loss could mean quick weight back on.  Slow weight loss makes it easier to keep the weight off in the long run.  That’s the real goal.

And because it’s fun, here they are all together!

What are your tips for weight loss after baby? 

I’m hoping to share some of my favorite core exercises soon!  Any fitness requests?


7 thoughts on “7 tips to lose the baby weight”

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  2. I so need this! I’m post caesarean section and it’s really hard to keep the weight off especially that I still can’t do a lot of strenuous exercise for some time. Thanks for sharing these hard-to-do but realistic goals. I agree about not stressing on weight– health should be the focus. Keep sharing!

    1. Thanks for your comment Nancy! Keep up the focus on health, enjoy that new bundle of joy and give yourself grace. Another such an important aspect post baby!

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