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Hey all! I’m Heather, thanks for stopping by! IMG_5419

I’m so excited for this opportunity to combine so many of my passions all in one place here on Fit Mama Real Food.

Why fit mama? Many many years ago fitness became a passion of mine. When I finally decided to take it to the next level and become a group fitness instructor my life changed. I feel so blessed every time I teach and just can’t believe I get paid to do something I absolutely love.

I know from experience that starting up something new can be scary so I’ve created a fit pro’s page for other fitness instructors or anyone looking to get into the fitness field. Steps I took, events I’ve been part of, tips to pass that group fitness exam and workout ideas for your class. My hope is to help you get where you want to go in your fitness career, where ever that may be.

Onto the food! Real food, that’s what we’re all about here in our family. Well, it’s what I’m all about and working to get my family excited about it too. What do I mean by real foods? Ones that nature made which I then turn into meals. We eat just about everything in our family, just in natural forms.

I love developing new recipes and sharing them here, plus all my kitchen tips and tricks, how to build a healthy pantry and so much more. What can I say, we love food here. 😉

Food and fitness… and more? Yup! While I can’t say being crafty and organized was always a passion of mine, it’s something I’m continuously working at. It’s actually become more fun for me to knock out a DIY project or re-do a cabinet making it not only cute but functional too. I’ll keep striving and sharing my home projects and tips I learn along the way!

Still with me? Great! Just living life and all that goes on is a huge part of Fit Mama Real Food, so you’ll see a lot about my life here. From my first pregnancy journey onto life with a kiddos, and being a wife and all that goes into it. Go ahead, meet my family and follow along our cooky journey.

Be sure to stay connected (it’s all on the right side) and say hello. I’d love to hear from you!


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