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Our family changed in the best way possible 10 days ago when we welcomed Nova into our world.


When she was 2 days old we brought her home and our life as a family of 5 began.  She figured her nights and days out after one night of being home, which I though was so sweet of her.  She doesn’t know it, but I really appreciate her sleeping from 10pm-7am with just 2 wakes to nurse and then she goes back to sleep.  I’m really hoping it lasts.  Having to function with more wake ups than that would not be as fun. Newborn sleep deprivation is no joke!


I’m totally taking advantage of quiet afternoons and sneaking in a short nap or just rest time.  While I feel pretty great, I still get exhausted during the day (nursing, healing, etc).  I’m so thankful to have Jacob home for a few weeks.  We love this family time, and I don’t know what I’d do without him helping out with the bigger two and all the household things as well.


I love not having a schedule and doing whatever we want to do.  This morning Nova and I watched Jacob, Hunter and Zoe play at the jungle gym.  They had such a blast.


We made it to church on Sunday, Jacob’s taken the kids on outdoor adventures, we’ve all gone grocery shopping and also, there’s been a lot of TV/movie watching, which they love.  Thankfully I know it’s only a temporary thing.


The kids love to snuggle and kiss Nova.  Zoe always wants to hold her and giver her all of her special blankets and toys.  It feels so right and normal having Nova here with us.  She is the perfect addition and our family feels so much more full with her here.  I think the fact that Nova is such a chill baby makes the transition so smooth and easy.


We are definitely a tired bunch all around, but soaking in every minute of this short lived ‘just home’ time.  Adding a tiny baby into our family made me realize just how big the other two really are.  Time needs to slow down!


Life as 5 has been all kinds of great.  We’re taking it in day by day and enjoying just being together.

Before I forget, the winner of the Aurorae yoga mat flip flops is Sarah!  Sarah, send me an email (fitmamarealfood@comcast.net) with your address and flip flop size and I will forward it onto Aurorae to have them sent out to you.  A big thanks to Aurorae again for sponsoring the giveaway!

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