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I had such a wonderful weekend that’s now coming to a close.  There was a possibility that I’d post once or twice more over the weekend, but instead I just spent my time enjoying family, food, games, reading, relaxing and walking (plus running with my mom!).  I never even had my phone around me or got on a computer.  It was marvelous.  Our final Christmas weekend came to an end.  We were pretty spoiled from everyone in the family.  Our little baby got some present too.  Here’s all the cute clothes we’ve received/bought for our boy or girl.

Bear suit we bought together + clothes I picked up.

Gifts from Jacob’s parents.

Bibs, rattle booties and cuteness from many family members.

I’d say 3 items are definitely boy, 1 totally girl, and the rest will work either way!

But what will it be?  In just 4 days we find out the sex, but I just can’t wait to know.  Patience is not my thing.

As I mentioned on Friday, I went through a bunch of old wives tales that predict gender.  Here’s how it turned out.

Online old wives tale gender predictor test of 15 questions – GIRL (but really it was 60% girl, 40% boy)

Chinese lunar calendar/gender predictor – 2 BOY, 1 GIRL

Carrying low – BOY

Husband’s weight has stayed the same – BOY

Acne has gotten better (hooray!!) – BOY

Baby’s heart rate (which was around 155 or 160 if I remember correctly) – GIRL

No morning sickness – BOY

Leg hair growing at the same rate as pre-pregnancy (instead of much faster) – GIRL

No huge boob growth – BOY

Craving sweets (Yes, I sure am) – GIRL

Craving protein (could also be because I haven’t been eating as much meat) – BOY

Hands very dry – BOY

Age at time of conception (24) + the # for the month you conceive (8) = 32 (even is boy, odd is girl) – BOY

Moodier than usual – GIRL

Nose not widening – GIRL

Belly shaped like a basketball –  BOY

Fuller, smoother hair – BOY

Placenta position (on right for boy, left for girl) – BOY

Gut feeling – BOY

And the total is….

BOY – 14

GIRL – 7

Another way to look at it… 66% chance of boy, 33% change of girl.

But what do I really think?  We really think it will be a boy (although my mother in law is convinced it is a girl), but when it gets down to it, I know there’s a 50/50 chance for either.  And I’ll be happy either way.  So hurry up Friday, can you get here a little sooner?!?!?!

Are there any other gender predictors you’ve heard about that I should run through?  They were pretty fun, but extremely ridiculous.

Happy new years!  Hope you’re enjoying your extra time off.



27 thoughts on “baby BOY or baby GIRL?!”

  1. Finding out the gender of our baby was truly one of the best days of my life. About three hours before our first appointment, the doctors called to cancel and I was so angry. They rescheduled us for four days later and the wait was so awful!

    My husband was 100% positive our baby was a boy along with most of our family members. I thought it was a boy as well until a few weeks before our scan when I just knew it was a girl. I did some weird tests like going to the bathroom on baking soda to see if it fizzed or not. I also out a needle on string and held it over my wrist. Depending on if it swings from side to side or in a circular motion tells if the baby is a boy or girl. Both of these are old wives tales, but they kept me entertained! I’m hoping your weeks goes quickly and Friday gets here before you know!

    Oh, and in the second picture, the little girls cat hat and pink PJ’s are so adorable! We have them for our little girl and it just might be what we take her home from the hospital in! I just love that little hat so much!

    1. I would be so mad too! Waiting is the hardest part.

      I read about the peeing in baking soda one and also peeing in draino, which I thought was odd. They’re so fun though!

      And that girl cat hat outfit is so cute. I’m sure you’re little one will be a doll coming home in that!

  2. My old wives tale is similar to Kjirsten’s except you take a piece of your hair & thread your wedding ring through it. Hold it over your belly. If it swings it’s a boy, if it swirls it’s a girl. I have 4 boys & it swung each time 🙂 I also was hardly sick but did carry them differently, some high, some low but always in the shape of a basketball versus a watermelon 😉

  3. How exciting!!! I bet the anticipation is killing you but either way, you are going to be thrilled so there is no way you can be disappointed. That is the best kind of news. 🙂

  4. you can buy a predictor at Walgreen that you pee in.. then it will tell you boy or girl.. it said I was having a boy.. and Im pretty positive she at 2 years old is still a but it was congrats

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