There was a bit of a blog breakdown here since yesterday.  After a couple hours on the phone with bluehost, it’s finally back up!  I was pretty annoyed with them at first because of the mess up, but they worked real hard to fix it.  All is well again!  Anyways, make sure to check out yesterday’s post playing with asparagus + plan for introducing solids if you missed it.

Happy halloween!

We aren’t the biggest celebrators here.  We don’t get costumes or go to parties.  We don’t pass out candy, but that’s mainly because Joe barks like crazy whenever anyone knocks at the door.  We didn’t even buy Hunter a costume.  However, that’s because we had a couple hand-me-downs from his cousin Caden and one from his grandma Debbie.

Today Megan and Mabel came over and we had a little baby pumpkin party.  First we took some pictures with the pumpkin.

Little cowboy and ladybug.  So sweet huh?

Then it was time to play with the pumpkin guts!

Mabel wanted to devour the pumpkin and seeds.  She went crazy!  It was awesome.  She’d jut herself towards the bowl of pumpkin guts and as quickly as she got there, the pumpkin would head towards her mouth.

Hunter was a bit more reserved.  I think he was starting to get a bit sleepy then too.  He was happier once he had his pacifiers.  He’d occasionally grab at the pumpkin guts and the plastic he was on top of.

Once the pumpkin party was all over both babies were a bit orange and needed baths.

After the baths, nice and clean again!

It was lots of fun watching them play with the pumpkin.  Something new and exciting!

Do you get into halloween?  Did you carve any pumpkins?


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  1. He is SO cute in his little costume! We don’t do much for Halloween either. We would pass out candy, but this year we’re headed over to our church for a “Costume Party” for the youth kids. I’ll dress up our kids down the road and take them trick-or-treating, but I’m sure that’ll be the extent of it.

  2. Our son is almost 15 months but we didn’t do anything for Halloween. We’ve decided to wait until he is old enough to want to go and since he doesn’t know he’s missing out on anything I didn’t feel bad about not doing it. He had a blast painting his pumpkin though and now I think we will carve it out so he can play with the guts.

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