back, buns and bicep workout

Over the weekend I did something I haven’t done in a very, very long time…

Lifted weights at home! And it felt great!

With teaching body pump and going to AM strength workouts, lifting at home just doesn’t seem to happen any more. After a couple extra rest days at the end of the week, come Saturday I was feeling the lifting bug, so I gave in.

Why just back, biceps and buns? Gave me an extra chance to give them some extra focus and lifting love. Plus it kept my workout at just 20 minutes. Loved that.

The next workout on the docket? Chest, triceps and shoulders, same format as this one since I loooooved it.

Here’s what I did: 10 reps at a single count (single count up, single count down) followed by 10 reps at half the speed, so nice n slow. Oh you start feeling the buuuuuurn with those slow reps.

I alternated between 8 and 10 pound dumbbells. Choose a weight that’s challenging to the final rep, not easy, but challenging.


I finished up with 5 minutes of abs at the end. Lots of high and low planks + side planks and C-sits. Then it was time to streeeettttcchh.

Loved this workout!

What was the last home workout you did? Do you typically focus on a set of muscles or full body during strength training?

Normally it’s full body for me, so this was a nice change up.

Hope you like it!



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