WOW.  What a weekend.  Two full days of living, breathing and doing body pump.

If you saw me today, you’d probably know it from my new slow walk.  It was tough, but so incredible.

Some highlights:

  • We started out by taking a full body pump class from our awesome instructor Susie.  My first BP class ever!
  • The way they teach you through layering on makes it so much easier learning how to be that awesome instructor.
  • Technique and form was perfected this weekend.
  • I was assigned the squat track to learn + present.
  • Having a video of yourself teaching is such an AMAZING tool.  You don’t even need anyone to tell you anything, you can just SEE what you’re doing wrong.
  • I lifted more than I ever have and surprised myself with what I can do during the instructor challenge.
  • The music and choreography goes SO well together.  It’s an amazing program.
  • I need to find my intense voice, you know gritty and rough.

Oh yeah, and I PASSED!

When we first talked about all the outcomes of the weekend, I was so nervous that I wouldn’t pass, but I worked hard and made it.  Plus I practiced a ton before the weekend too.  They really are set up to give you the tools you need to learn how to become an amazing body pump instructor.  You just have to put in the work.

The entire weekend was a blast.  Not only did I learn a ton, I made new friends!  I got to meet a lot of the other instructors at the Y, and really there’s no way to not bond when you touch your forehead + nose together (it’s a Les Mills greeting thing).

After day 1 when I got home, I was just beat.  I plopped on the couch until 8:30pm, then went to sleep.  The next day I felt refreshed and ready to go.  After day 2 I didn’t sit down until I was ready to not get up anymore.  I did some dishes and made dinner, then it was couch time.  And I was there until I went to bed.

One thing I’ve talked about before is how exercise and eating well go hand in hand.

Case in point, look at my plate.  See those veggies!!!

I haven’t eaten or even enjoyed that many veggies in a while.  When I got home, all I wanted was veggies, whole grains and chicken.

My mom made this mushroom barley dish a little while back and I fell in love with it.  The only modifications I made from the recipe (which she did as well) were not including the beans, and using 1 can of vegetable broth (1.5 cups), instead of the 3 cups it calls for.  It’s so tasty.  Jacob was a huge fan too!

You see, exercise and healthy foods go hand in hand!

All the exercise this weekend helped fight off any of my nausea too.  I’d feel nauseous at home in the morning, then once we started moving, I was energized and feeling like my old self again.  It was great.

This week it’s all about recovery (it’ll take many days for sure), and working on learning the rest of the choreography.  I know about 5-6 tracks so far.  We launch body pump in 2 weeks!  It’s going to be a blast.

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun? 

I’ll be making my way around to say hey now that I’m back on a normal week!


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  1. Ahhhh! Im so glad you enjoyed! They must have changed the training-used to be three days with two track presentationd. Isnt it amazing how much you can push your weight up? Ahhhh so happy for you -congrats on the pass

  2. Congratulations on passing – woohoo!!

    This weekend was a busy one for me too! We celebrated early Thanksgiving with my husband’s side of the family, followed immediately by a Halloween Party we co-hosted. Lots of cooking and baking at my house this weekend!

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