Yesterday was filled with Body Pump. We launched at the YMCA and had Body Pump running all day long. I taught one class in the morning, then one class in the evening. Boy what a workout!!

We had a football theme so all the instructors wore a football jersey.  I can’t believe I forgot to take any pictures while I was there… guess I was having too much fun.

We launched body pump 79 and team taught the classes. Today the regular schedule of classes begins and I’ll be teaching it every Wednesday night.

If you’ve never taken a body pump class before then here’s what you’re missing out on… full body strength training using weighted barbells, plates and your own body weight. You focus on each muscle group for a solid 5 minutes, really fatiguing the muscles and making them work past where they want to go. There is a lot of tempo variation, which keeps your muscles guessing.

Plus there’s good music and the instructors make it super fun too.

Getting ready for the launch there was a lot of practice during the upcoming week and weekend before.  So much I didn’t get around to my desk organization.  But it looks kind of organized doesn’t it?

Guess the hubs couldn’t stand it anymore and cleaned it up for me!  Plus on Saturday we got a new mac for me, so he was really excited to get it set up.

So far I’m unsure of what blogging software to use with it… live writer was my go-to before having a mac, but I hear you can’t use it.  I’m trying out Ecto… but not the happiest yet.  Any mac users out there have any tips??

How’s your week going so far?

Did you check out the tasty muffins yesterday?  Jacob devoured almost all of them once he tried them!


10 thoughts on “body pump launch 79 and organizing”

    1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the squat track! During my training it was the one I was assigned to demo all weekend, so I really began to love it early on. I think the lunges + dips are the most killer for me! If you’re ever in Washington or near Portland then come take my class!! 🙂

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