Boy do I have a treat for you guys!  For the past 3 days my booty has been so sore and it’s because of this workout.  In the video I show you how to run though the exercises once, but for maximum booty soreness go through the routine for a total of 3 rounds.

I hope you like the video on my new Fit Girl Workouts Channel!

Let me know what you think and if there are other workouts or exercises you’d like to see!

Booty Burner Workout # 1 Breakdown

  • 12 regular squats
  • 10 slow and low pulses
  • 5 low squat foot lifts on each side
  • 12 slow skaters (right side)
  • 12 slow skater (left side)
  • 12 lunge + kicks (right side)
  • 6 lunge pulses (right side)
  • 12 lunges + kicks (left side)
  • 6 lunge pulses (left side)
  • 12 fast skaters on each side

Repeat 1-2 more times through for a great glute workout!

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  1. Always looking for new booty workouts! I always do the same one and it gets soo monotonous. Now I can change it up!
    Thanks for checking out my blog! 🙂

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