food and fitness week 14

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a food and fitness recap post.  Before I share our recent eats and my workouts, here’s a look at our little family getaway we had to the lake cabin.


Lots of time outside surrounded by trees and the lake.  No TV.  Tons of playing for Hunter and chilling for Jacob and I.  Although I wouldn’t say I came back rested (Zoe was not a good sleeper and woke everyone up early in the mornings) I came back relaxed.  Even with weekends at home and no real plans, there is always stuff to do around the house.  It was nice kicking back with no worries.  I got lots of reading in too!



Monday: roasted chicken, roasted veggies (asparagus, onion, carrot) and cauliflower mash

Tuesday: fajita rice bowls (chicken, bell pepper, onion, rice, cheese, sour cream and avocado)

Wednesday: creamy broccoli cheddar bean soup with sausage and crusty bread

Thursday: leftover broccoli cheddar soup with rice and leftover roasted veggies

Friday: BBQ’d beef burgers on whole wheat buns + grilled green beans

Saturday: BBQ’d salmon + crusty bread + caesar salad and mushrooms

Sunday: whole wheat pancakes with applesauce, bacon and honeydew — BFD FTW!


I did major veggie prep over the weekend which made dinner time so much easier.  I am pinching myself for not doing any prep this weekend – but relaxing > prepping sometimes. :)


Monday: taught body pump and fitness yoga

Tuesday: taught fitness yoga

Wednesday: taught body combat

Thursday: taught body pump, sculpt and tone and 2 fitness yoga classes (first day of this new heavy teaching day – I was majorly wiped out by the evening!)

Friday: taught body pump

Saturday: rest + active outside with the kiddo

Sunday: rest + active outside with the kiddo

I am always so thankful that teaching allows me to get my workouts in – plus teaching is so much fun!  It keeps me honest when I’m tired and don’t want to workout… the teacher has to show up!  My Thursdays just became a four class day and I definitely scaled down my intensity that entire day.  I’m sure my body will adjust, but I was seriously toast by that evening!

I love the mix of mostly strength and yoga + my super fun body combat class.  I am very happy with the workouts!  Just this past week I finally got back to my pre-pregnancy squat weight in body pump (60 pounds!) and while I was nervous to teach with it, I didn’t die during it.  Who knows, maybe my focus on getting stronger and building more muscle will mean I will soon have a new squat weight for class – even higher than before!

What did YOU do over the weekend?  What’s one thing you’re having for dinner this week?  Seriously, I am going in with no plan so ideas would be helpful!  We’re having tuna sushi bowls tonight.



food and fitness week 13

Hello! How was your weekend? We did some of this…


And this…


And this too (breakfast out – see sleepy face).


It was a great but sleepy weekend for me. Zoe’s decided against sleeping, but more on that coming up in her 3 month update this week. Also, I have a part two to my slimming down post coming up too. :)

Today let’s take a peek back at last week’s dinners and workouts. I hope my meal plan offers some inspiration and ideas to others out there!



Monday: greek lemon chicken and bean rice bowls (recipe coming next week!)

Tuesday: quesadillas with leftover chicken/pinto beans, cheese and fresh greek salsa + strawberries


Wednesday: salmon, sweet potato fries, cauliflower cream cheese mash, crusty bread and vanilla bean ice cream with berries for dessert <– Hunter’s bday dinner

Thursday: chicken cordon bleu (last ones from the freezer, must prep more!), roasted potatoes and oranges

Friday: bbq’d spicy italian chicken sausage, millet and grilled carrots


Saturday: Hawaiian pineapple beef burgers, baked beans and grilled yellow squash

Sunday: bbq’d teriyaki chicken, brown/white jasmine rice, grilled green bell peppers, carrots and onions + fresh apricots

We ate really well all last week. It was a big treat having salmon midweek and my cooking was made easy by so much bbqing.


I prep, then Jacob cooks. Backyard eating is my faaaaav.  Doesn’t everything taste better off the BBQ?



With the holiday and appointments I had a couple less classes. I also didn’t end to getting my sprints in on Friday like I has planned, but oh well. This Friday I will!

Monday: taught body pump

Tuesday: rest day, but we picked strawberries!


Wednesday: taught body combat

Thursday: taught body pump + sculpt and tone

Friday: taught fitness yoga

Saturday: rest

Sunday: rest

Truth be told, I was actually thankful for the lighter week.  When I get less sleep it’s so much harder on me to put in extra workouts.  The holiday and appointments were a blessing in disguise!

What was your favorite part of the weekend?  Is it feeling like summer where you’re at?  I LOVE this sunshine!



my secret to slimming down

This morning I posted the following picture and caption to instagram.

Slowly fitting back into more of my clothes and I’m quite excited to have these snake skin pants back in my life.


No lie, I was super excited to rock those snake skin pants again during body pump this morning.  They’re just so fun!  But mostly, I’m excited to be fitting back into more of my wardrobe.  Some women have a baby and are instantly back into their pre-pregnancy pants.  I am not one of them.  I’m still not near fitting in the majority of my pre-pregnancy pants, but I’m headed there, and it makes me excited.  I wore a pair of jeans earlier this week that had been uncomfortable around the waist, but now they are fitting much better, yay!

So then I started thinking, I’ve probably lost some weight, cool.  So I hop on the scale and it still read the same number as it did a month after Zoe was born.  No biggie.  The scale isn’t what matters, the way my clothes fit and how I feel is what counts.  That’s why the title of this post is ‘my secret to slimming down’, not ‘my secret to losing weight’.

So much of the time we get so stuck on the number, and the number is really just that, a number.  It’s not a mood.  It’s not the most important thing in the world.  It’s just a digit.

Okay, onto my secret… which is not a real secret.


Strength training!

I am a firm believer in strength training for women.  And I’m not talking about 3-5 pound dumbbells.  They can be a starting point for many, but not somewhere to stay.  No, I mean lifting weights that are tough and challenging.  Sometimes I like to tell my classes that challenge creates change.  And it’s so true!  You have to work for what you want to achieve.  Lift heavier weights.  It might be tough.  It might hurt a little (or a lot).  And that’s okay, because it’s only temporary.  The more muscle you create, from lifting heavy weights, will turn you into a fat burning machine.  Maybe you don’t see a drop on the scale right away, but your pants might begin to fit a little better.  And in my book that’s way better than any number on the scale.

Thoughts?  Agree/disagree?  Please share!