how to make thick greek yogurt


I’m continuing to go strong with my at-home yogurt making.  It’s seriously so easy you guys!  Crockpot yogurt making is where it’s at.  From my yogurt making post I’ve received questions about the thickness of the yogurt.  While it isn’t super thick (like greek yogurt) straight out of the crockpot, with just one simple step […]

love it! kale

Currently I have orange zest, orange peel and vanilla extract simmering away on the stove top.  Hunter is napping.  I’m freshly showered, looking out the window at the beautiful sunny blue skies and munching on these crackers.  A pretty nice Wednesday afternoon is in the works over here. However, that’s not what today’s post is […]

homemade crockpot yogurt

Over the weekend I attempted some new and quite amazing…. Making yogurt in the crockpot!  I’ve never made yogurt before so I was a bit nervous.  Not wanting to waste half a gallon of milk was my main concern. Not that I would cry over spilled milk… You see, the reason I set out to […]

love it! oats

Today I’m starting a little series called ‘love it!‘.  The focus will be on healthy real foods… some will be more basic and common (like today’s oats) and also including the more ‘out there’ foods.  Foods that I love, the body loves and I think you should love to! What do you think?  I think […]

real food pantry: homemade cream of celery soup

Tuesday dinner’s are always thrown together quickly, and mostly, in stages.  I teach a class from 4:30-5:15pm, so when I arrive back home at 5:30pm, I want us to be able to sit down for dinner.  Getting myself changed, showered (ehhh… ya scratch that from the list…) and all of us sat down at the […]

creamy millet porridge

We are officially out of oatmeal in the house.  Oh, the horror!  It may not seem like a big deal, but I’ve been on a creamy custard oatmeal kick these days (cinnamon roll custard oats, anyone?).  And I’m refusing to make a stop at the store for just oatmeal since I just forgot to write […]

no kneed crusty artisan bread {learn from my mistakes}

I’ve made a lot of bread in my life, but nothing remotely fancy. Not crusty. Not artisan. Not really bread my husband likes, so I end up eating all of it. I tend to get stuck on the whole wheat bread thing.  If I’m going to make it whole wheat, it needs to be 100%.  […]

real food restart: the prep

My grocery trip last week was a success, along with prepping some foods too. Lots of fruits and veggies.  Fruits to snack on, veggies mainly for salads and snacking.  I cleaned the lettuce and made as huge salad to keep in the fridge.  Into it went romaine lettuce, spinach, celery, cucumber, carrot and avocado.  It’s […]