the cost of real food + five tips to save more money


Does eating real food cost more than the typical standard american diet (SAD)?  The short answer: yes it does.  The long answer you’ll get below: it doesn’t have to.  For me, I definitely have some room for improvement. Today I’m going to share what our budget for food looks like, plus my goals for where […]

healthy on $75: week 3 grocery haul breakdown + meal plan


My original plan was for June to be all about healthy on $75.  And now June is gone so it’s going to continue on through July!  I still have so much to share, and it turns out I’m a little slow at pumping out the posts on it.  Here’s the third installment of my grocery […]

budget meal plan {aug 18-23} + getting started with extreme couponing

Hello!  How are you all doing?  I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday, can you?  We were gone over the weekend, catching up with some friends – Jacob did lots of kid playing.  There were 5 kids total, the littlest one didn’t do much playing though. We also spent time with family and joined in for […]

budget meal plan {august 10-16} + grocery haul challenge

Grocery shopping was a bit more challenging this week, as far as staying within my $100 budget.  Before I share about that, here’s what we have planned to eat for the week! Saturday: chipotle lime grilled chicken skewers with avocado ranch + corn on the cob The avocado ranch was definitely needed – these chicken […]

budget meal plan {august 3-9} + grocery haul

Thank you all for the sweet congrats about our 2nd baby! Another week of meals planned is already underway.  Here are the deets. Saturday: carne asada, black beans, corn on the cob + chips and salsa [we had company that night] Sunday: BLATs [bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato] Monday: tamale pie [super fast to throw […]

grocery shopping + homemade carne asada dry rub

Yesterday I shared my meal plan for the week, then set out to the grocery store.  With a $100 budget in hand, let’s see how I did. In between classes Hunter and I zoomed in and out of Costco.  Here’s the loot. toilet paper chobani yogurt (such a steal going on right now, for a […]

weekend getaway, food budget and meal plan {july 29-aug 2}

August 1st marks mine and Jacob’s 5 year wedding anniversary (9 years together though!).  We celebrated by having our first night away from Hunter.  He had lots of fun at grandma and grandpa’s house and did so well! Every anniversary we get breakfast at Grey’s at the Park. It’s downtown Vancouver in the Hilton hotel […]