1 month count down to baby #3


I cannot believe I am due exactly a month from today!  Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went in a flash, which also made those couple months of pregnancy fly by even faster than I had expected.  I had mentally made a date of Feb 1st as the ‘start to get things ready for baby to […]

five simple habits that bring me more happiness


During the last half of 2015 I fell in love with podcasts.  I’m sure many others share my love for them.  They make mundane tasks like washing dishes, folding laundry or a solo drive back home so much more enjoyable.  I phase through different podcasts, but currently my two favorite are the Balanced Bites Podcast […]

60 day neat home challenge {update 1}

Little did you know, but behind the scenes (aka at my house), I’ve been working away at my little big challenge. It’s little and big. Little bits of work each day, big payoff at the end. Do you remember my initial 60 day neat home challenge post? If not, go and check it out and […]

60 day neat home challenge

Hi, I’m Heather. Have we met? Since your reading this, then probably. 😉 You probably already know I’m kind of in love with lists and crossing things off them. A big long Sunday to-do list can be so gratifying. Rarely do I ever finish an entire list (too many ideas???), but I’ve come close. Oh […]