october highlights


I love November.  It’s the beginning of the holiday season.  Everything gets a little cozier.  We turn the heat on more often and I snuggle up with a blanket and hot drink to stay warmer.  But before I get too much into November, I want to share our October.  We spent so much time outside […]

september highlights


Time to remember and highlight the best of September!  I sure love these highlight posts.  Looking back on these kid’s happy faces bring me so much joy.  Thank goodness I snap a lot of pictures so that when I look back on my photo stream for September I can easily remember bits and pieces of […]

third annual libby family canning weekend


We are now 3 years STRONG on our annual canning weekend and I just can’t wait to share about it.  I look forward to this weekend every year and am so excited to share pictures and more about everything we canned this past labor day weekend.  I have to thank my aunt Arlene, the majority […]

august highlights


I try to capture our memories by having pictures to look back on.  It definitely helps me remember them (and I need all the help in the memory department I can get).  But seriously, I have the worst memory, so in an effort to share more and not forget everything, I’m going to try and […]

party of five


I feel like I’ve been living a lie the past couple of months.  Blogging has been sporadic at best, and while summer time definitely does mean more activities and things going on, it’s not the real reason I’ve been away more. I’ve been so tired. Nauseous. Cranky…. But all for a wonderful reason. Yup, baby […]

how to feed your toothless baby real food


At 16 months I don’t really think of Zoe as a baby anymore.  She’s walking, talking, independent and already sharing her opinion (loudly) whenever she gets the chance.  She is so full of personality!  The only area that’s still baby-like is her mouth.  The girl only has one tooth!  She had her first tooth (a […]

garden tour + life lately


Hello! I wanted to pop in for a quick minute and share where our garden is at, and also a bit of what we’ve been up to lately.  Life has been full of fun and so much beautiful sun.  I just love every minute we can get outside.  The kids and I have gone strawberry […]

five must haves for a construction themed birthday party


When I was planning Hunter’s construction birthday bash, I kind of went a little pinterest crazy.  And by kind of I mean I pinned the heck out of anything construction themed.  There are so many awesome ideas out there!  I planned, pinned and ultimately decided on what was important to me and would not be […]