food and fitness week 10

Hello!  Adjusting back to the week?  How was your weekend?  We had a jam packed fun filled couple days.  Hunter went to his first lil kickers soccer Saturday morning.  It was SOOO much fun to watch and participate with him.  He had a blast and still talks about it.  They started out with some stretches…

… then got to the fun!  Running, kicking soccer balls and squishy balls, scoring goals (like in the video below), stacking cones and so much more.  I can’t wait to go back again!

We celebrated my neice’s first birthday party, had friends over for dinner, went to breakfast with family in town and were wiped out by Sunday afternoon.  So much fun, but defintely more than we normally do over the weekend.  Let’s take a look at last week’s food & fitness!


Monday – leftover sausage and mushroom cheesy pasta bake + roasted asparagus


Tuesday – beef burgers + roasted sweet potato fries

Wednesday – leftover burgers + salad + grapes


Thursday – veggie lentil mac n cheese (two out of three thumbs up)

Friday – at home date night! cheese plate with sausage, crusty bread and pear

Saturday – jambalaya (so good, will make again!) + apples

Sunday – sausage and onion strata (used up the leftover bread, sausage and cheese from Friday) + pears

I made a big effort to include more vegetables in my meals, and I feel like I did a better job at it.  Closer to the weekend it putters out, but I started out strong!



Monday – evening family walk

Tuesday – went to a body pump class

Wednesday – evening family walk

Thursday – rest

Friday – went to a body combat class + an hour walk with my mom

Saturday – go-go-go all day

Sunday – rested… recovering from the busy day before

I felt like it was a good week of fitness.  Went to two classes and got lots of walking in.  I return to teaching on Thursday!


Isn’t she such a doll?  Love.so.much.

This afternoon I’m alternating my time into 15 minutes increments while the kids nap… something I want to do then something around the house (that I don’t really want to do).  My ‘fun 15 minutes’ is up and now 3 loads of laundry are calling my name.

Tell me something you did this past weekend.  Do you ever break time up like that to force yourself to get things done around the house?



food and fitness week 9

Heyo! Hope you had an awesome weekend. We had our first date night since Zoe was born at Amnesia Brewing. Not the greatest food, but awesome beer!  Yummmm.  We so needed it! It’s easy to get wrapped up in the kiddos and forget to make time for each other. Gotta keep these day nights going.


The rest of our weekend consisted of a few errands, dinner with friends (cute kiddos at their own little table… although Hunter didn’t stay)…


… cleaning up the house, meal prep and catching up on some zzz’s.


A great weekend! Now let’s talk food and fitness. Here’s what we ate for dinner last week. I actually only cooked a handful of meals. Pretty easy week for me and quite delicous!


Monday – italian sausage mac n cheese (Jacob cooked dinner)

Tuesday – awesome quiche a friend brought us

Wednesday – salmon caesar salad + homemade crusty bread


Thursday – freezer meal creamy chicken enchiladas with sour cream

Friday – date night out!

Saturday – dinner at friends house: fried rice + salad rolls, yummmm

Sunday – cheesy sausage and mushroom pasta bake + strawberries and grapes


It wasn’t a great week for fitness. I started the week out a bit sleep deprived and needed extra naps. However, I went to a body pump class as a participant and had so much fun! I sure felt weak though. I was surprisingly not too sore from it.

Monday – nothing

Tuesday – nothing

Wednesday – nothing

Thursday – went to a body pump class!

Friday – rest

Saturday – family walk

Sunday – walk with the kiddos


What did you do over the weekend?



Zoe: 1 month

Happy Friday! It’s just about weekend time, yay!

My little Zoe turned 1 month old on Wednesday. I am amazed by how quickly time is flying by. Time for her update!

First, a look at her the day she was born…


Zoe already seems more grown up than just a couple weeks ago. When she is awake, she’s bright eyed and super alert. During the daytime she has more happy awake time.  She loves just looking around at everything going on. Evenings are when she pretty much needs to be held and consoled the whole time she’s awake.


Here’s what her schedule looks like (for the most part) at a month. It still varies a bit daily.

7:30am nurse then awake time
9am nap
10:15am nurse then awake time
11:30am nap
12:30pm nurse then pretty much right away down for a long nap
4:30pm nurse then awake time
6pm nap (hopefully)
6:45pm nurse then awake time
8-10:30pm (or later sometimes) swaddled for bed, on/off asleep in my arms and nursing all evening
1:30am wakes, nurses on one side then back to bed
4-4:30am wakes, nurses on one side then back to bed
6am wakes… I try to get her back to sleep a bit (which is tough). Usually I try the paci + having her sleep with me, or I nurse her then and have her sleep in bed

I’ve really been focusing on the eat-wake-sleep cycle like I did with Hunter too. Fingers crossed she sleeps through the night early like he did!


Sleep is such a big thing for me. Not just my sleep but Zoe’s too. From about 2 weeks on I really made a focus of trying to put her down for naps awake and having her fall asleep on her own. About half the time is works. She may cry a few minutes, but then drifts into sleep. Sometimes she just isn’t having it and has to be rocked to sleep. I do notice when I rock her to sleep, almost instantly when I lay her down, she wakes and the rocking continues again. So much easier when she falls asleep on her own! Plus she actually gets a good nap in.


She’s started to make more eye contact and watches Hunter more, which I love. I think Hunter will be a big source of entertainment for her. He just loves his baby sister so much and I foresee him making her giggle all the time.


She took her first bottle like a champ this week. I’ve been pumping during her long afternoon nap to slowly get a little supply built up in the freezer. And it sure is slow. I’m lucky if I pump out 2 ounces!


She’s been in newborn cloth diapers for a couple weeks now and wears a disposable at night. While she mostly still wears newborn clothes (which are definitely getting more snug), I’ve been incorporating 0-3 month clothes too!

Nicknames: Zo-Zo. Z, Zoe-tree

Likes: being held, baths, being swaddled, lights, sitting upright

Dislikes: being changed, tummy time, car seat (unless she’s asleep)


That’s all I can think of right now! She’s such a sweet little girl. I just love giving her cute face kisses.

Jacob and I are having our first kid free date night tonight!

Have a great weekend!