and then there were five


{{check out the end of the post for the Aurorae yoga mat flip flop giveaway winner}} Our family changed in the best way possible 10 days ago when we welcomed Nova into our world. When she was 2 days old we brought her home and our life as a family of 5 began.  She figured […]

real food loving kids: give them the power of choice


If having your kids in the kitchen cooking with you doesn’t sound relaxing or they just don’t have interest in it, another way to get them involved with food is at the grocery store. For quite a while I was doing the big weekly grocery shopping trip on Mondays after teaching my 3 class line […]

how to feed your toothless baby real food


At 16 months I don’t really think of Zoe as a baby anymore.  She’s walking, talking, independent and already sharing her opinion (loudly) whenever she gets the chance.  She is so full of personality!  The only area that’s still baby-like is her mouth.  The girl only has one tooth!  She had her first tooth (a […]

on your third birthday {Hunter}


At 3…. You love being outside, picking up rocks, sticks, flowers, dirt and whatever else you can get your hands on. I love that I get to see your adventurous side and that you choose nature over TV any day. You love your sister and call her your best friend.  You share with her and […]

my toddler breakfast experiment


At the beginning of this week I decided to do a little experiment.  Hunter (who turns three this month!) was my research subject. Typically at breakfast time I’ll decide what the kids and I are going to eat for breakfast.  I’ll usually awake before them, and I like to have breakfast ready when they wake […]