party of five


I feel like I’ve been living a lie the past couple of months.  Blogging has been sporadic at best, and while summer time definitely does mean more activities and things going on, it’s not the real reason I’ve been away more. I’ve been so tired. Nauseous. Cranky…. But all for a wonderful reason. Yup, baby […]

mother’s day gift guide for the expecting mama


I don’t know about you, but I have such a tough time figuring out gifts for my mom and dad.  Whenever birthdays, Christmas and mother’s/father’s day rolls around I’m usually left scratching my head on what to gift.  I like to give thoughtful gifts… sometimes handmade items or I’ll get the kids involved too.  It’s […]

2nd pregnancy: weeks 38-40

Happy due date to me, happy due date to meeeeeee! No surprise, I’m still pregnant. At least at this current moment.  It is just the afternoon but I’m sure nothing will change by Wednesday. Let’s take a look at what’s new and been happening these past few weeks. Midwife appointments We had our 40 week […]

2nd pregnancy: weeks 35-37

Hello and happy Friday! With just a few more weeks to go in this pregnancy, I thought it was about time for another update.  Here’s what’s new and happening with the baby bump these days.  First pregnancy on the left, second pregnancy on the right, for comparisons.   Food My need for sweets continues.  It’s […]

2nd pregnancy: weeks 31-34

Hello! Time for another bump-date!  There won’t be many of these left – the end is so-so-sooooo near now.  Just 41 more days to go! The biggest change I’ve noticed these past couple of weeks are my hunger and energy levels.  I’ve been eating like a mad beast!  Especially on my double class days, I […]