After a couple years of Jacob and I making fun of our family + friends for their obsession with Facebook, we joined.


Him first, then me shortly after.

After just a few short weeks I’m hooked. I even made a Get Healthy with Heather page in addition to my personal page.


Now you can make fun of me too.

I don’t always put mascara on at stoplights like I said beforesometimes I do it while I’m driving too (I’m really really good at multi-tasking!). Ssshhhhhhh don’t tell the hubs!

You know when you’re in a workout class and the instructor is making you do those dang isomeric holds and your legs are shaking, then she makes you pulse and do even more and more reps and you hate her for it, but then you love her for it.

Oh yes, I like to be that instructor. Winking smile

My left eye was twitching yesterday so I decided to only have 1 cup of coffee.  Eye twitched are weird.  Luckily no one saw it… At least I don’t think they did.

I totally dropped the ball on the whole 200 sit ups.  Did I really stop at week 2 day 1 back on August 16th?  Geez.


I like being organized but I’m really messy (ask the husband). Piles of clothes and stacks of papers are like my signature thing. I’m determined to change and found some inspiration to get me going.

I totally go through phases writing for the examiner.  I’ll be good for a couple weeks, then the creative juices cease to exist.  They will return… I’m sure of it.  Right? 


I made this loaf of zucchini banana chocolate chip bread for Jacob while I was away at hood to coast. He didn’t like it… To moist for him. {crazy}


So I ate it… Now it’s almost gone. Who wants to waste good food (really really good food)?

What do you have to confess this Thursday?


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0 thoughts on “Confession Thursday”

  1. Yesterday I went through my Facebook account and did some “clean up” on my friends list. It’s kind of like spring cleaning. 😉 I needed to do it and sometimes is just necessary that people you don’t really know, know all about you. Know what I’m saying? HA!

  2. Where I live (in Edmonton, Alberta), they have started enforcing a Distracted Driving law, which means you can be ticketed for putting on make up while driving (even if stopped!). This also includes eating, cell phone use, and changing CDs!

  3. too moist! i don’t even think that’s possible. i always see people making zuchinni loafs but i just never get up the desire to make one myself haha and i usually have an s-ton of zukes. i think its about to be zuchinni season anyways so i’m gonna have to get on one of those someday

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