It’s official.  Hump day is here!

I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday, but then realizing it was Wednesday.  Major bummer right?  Now if I would have thought it was Tuesday, but really it was Wednesday… well that’s a very different story.

A perk of Wednesdays… pump it in the AM. 

A perk of being a group fitness instruction… getting to take group fitness classes without being a member.  Yesterday I went to cycle in the morning and plan to again Thursday, plus pump it Wednesday/Friday.  I love morning workouts.

A perk of teaching at the Y… getting the opportunity to become Body Pump certified on Oct 22/23 for… free!  Yup I cannot wait!  More on that to come.

Can you believe another weekend has flown by?  It seems like I just went grocery shopping, and yet, I’ve got another trip to share.

This time I split it into 3 stores over 2 days.

Friday night right after work I stopped in at Costco for 1 item.

Somebody needs to clean dishes and it’s not me.  Never me… at least that’s my hope.

Costco spending: $10.81

Surprisingly I wasn’t starving or super tired, so I ran to Safeway for fruits + veggies.  I knew they had avocados + bagged spinach on sale for $1.  Score!

The greens: spinach, collard greens, bell peppers, avocados, zucchini and pears.

The reds: apples, grapes and carrots.

The white(ish)s: onions, mushrooms, bananas and plain yogurt.

Safeway spending: $31.56

The following morning I ran to Winco for the rest of the goods.

Bulk/pantry: canned pumpkin, crushed tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste, 2x lasagna noodles, oatmeal and dark chocolate chips.

Dairy: eggs, cottage cheese, goat cheese, sharp cheddar, mozzarella and creamer for the hubs.

Frozen: spinach, broccoli and corn.

Winco spending: $34.95

I really liked having my grocery trips split over 2 days.  It didn’t feel as rushed at the store, and since I didn’t pick everything up at 1 store I was in and out very quickly. 

Total spent for the week: $77.32

Just barely over my $75 budget, but pretty good!  (confession: I didn’t pull my food money out of the ATM – busted!)  This week I made a lot of food Saturday night (2 lasagnas) when we had family over, so I know that’s where the extra cost came in.

Before I went grocery shopping I, of course, meal planned.  Here’s a loose plan of what we’ll be having.

Friday: had collard green mac n cheese
Saturday: had pumpkin mushroom lasagna and spinach zucchini lasagna
Sunday: had left overs
Monday: hadcreamy broccoli, white bean and cheddar soup (no bacon)
Tuesday: had left overs
Wednesday: left overs + salad
Thursday: tex-mex corn fritters and cumin spiced pinto beans
Friday: crispy tofu salad

I say loose because I think I may modify it a bit.  We had a lot of left overs (mac n cheese, lasagna and soup), so a lot of easy meals for the week.  Score!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


Have you ever taken Body Pump before?  We’re looking for ideas for the first launch in early November… do you have any awesome ideas?  I’d love to hear!


PS: Just a couple more days to enter to win some Godiva coffee!

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0 thoughts on “did i meet my grocery budget?”

  1. I don’t have many ideas for the BodyPump launch in Nov…but I do love the class! I love the instructors who have high energy, remind everyone to correct their form…recommend how much weight to use…and keep us motivated during those last few hard squats or lunges are the what makes a great instructor in my book 🙂

  2. OWWWWWWWW! I have tons of launch ideas! Is there a theme in your music? Feel free to email me. Anddd…awesome job on the shopping! Please come do mine for me…I stink stink stink at budgeting with food. I just get excited 😉

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