There’s something inspiring about a craft store.  Specifically, JoAnns.  I walk in with just one thing I ‘quickly’ need to pick up… haha, quickly in a craft store.  I find whatever it is, then wander the aisles thinking of all these awesome projects I could do.  Things I never do, but I totally could do.

My latest trip to JoAnns was no different.  I went in looking for flannel fabric to make cloth wipes for my sister in law Chelbe – she’s having a baby girl next month!  Right as I walked towards the fabric section, I saw it.  It was the perfect fabric.  Flannel, but I couldn’t use it for wipes.  It was just too pretty.  The pattern reminded me of so many of her pins for baby Emma’s room.  I purchased a yard of it, still not knowing what I’d use it for, but I knew I needed it for something.

Over the next couple days I kept thinking about what to make.  I did a little pinteresting (totally a word….) and was inspired.

A cork board!

Instantly I had a vision of it.  White frame, the fabric with criss cross ribbon.

Here’s how it came together.

Step 1) Gather your supplies.

  • frame
  • roll of cork backing
  • wood glue
  • hot glue gun
  • fabric
  • scissors
  • pen
  • staple gun
  • optional: paint, iron, ribbon, push pins, brown paper to cover back

Step 2) My frame was wood colored so I took it apart and painted it white.  I wanted the frame to look older so I just did a light coat.  It’s okay if a bit of the original color comes through… we’re going for a vintage look here.  Optional step if you don’t need to paint your frame.

Step 3) Cut out the cork board.  Lay the backing for your frame on the cork, trace around it, then cut it out.  Depending on the thickness of your cork you may need to do this twice.  I did.  To test if you need two layers, push a pin into the cork and see if it’s already the right thickness.

Step 4) Glue your cork to the frame backing.  Use wood glue.  I tried with a hot glue gun and it did not work.  Place the glue on the backing, then press the cork on to it.  If you have two layers of cork, repeat with the glue on the cork, then lay the second piece right on top of it.

Step 5) Grab a bunch of heavy books or photo albums and place them on top of the cork while the glue dries.  Wait at least 20 minutes.

Step 6) Cut out the fabric.  You can use the frame as a guide for size.  Leave an extra 2 inches on each side to fold over the glue to the back.  Iron if necessary.

Step 7) Once you have waited 20 minutes, lay your fabric on a flat surface (right side down), place your cork board on it (cork facing down), centered.  With your hot glue gun ready and heated, glue the corners down first.  Next, glue all the sides in.  Make sure to pull the fabric tight.

Step 8) If using ribbon, cut the pieces you want and lay them across the cork board (right side up).  I figured out the length for one, then cut 5 more of the same length.  Once the ribbon is laying how you want it to, using the hot glue gun, glue them attaching to the sides.  The frame will cover the glue once it’s on.  After you glue the sides, flip it over and glue the ribbon to the back as well to really secure them on.  Remember, pull the ribbon tight!

Step 9) Push your pins in where the two ribbons connect in the center.

Step 10) Last step!  Get the staple gun out.  Place the cork board in the frame, flip it over and staple to keep it together.  The staple has to go through both the frame and cork board backing… so I learned.



Step 11) To make the back prettier, cover it with some brown packing paper or a brown grocery bag.  Staple the paper over it.  I didn’t do this last step (because I was lazy), but it would give the cork board a more finished look.

Now you are DONE!

I feel like I really got into the zone with this one.  It was fun to come up with this idea and actually make it. A big thanks goes out to my mom for helping me and bringing supplies along.

If you already have a lot of the supplies on hand making a cork board can be very inexpensive.

Purchased items:

Frame – $4
Roll of cork – $12
Fabric – $5

Total – $21

I still have a lot of cork and fabric left over so I can make more cork boards or use them for another project, which makes the real cost much less.

Have you ever made a cork board?  Do you get sucked into craft stores like I do?  What’s the latest crafty project you did?




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  1. My sister-in-law is having a Seuss themed baby shower in a few weeks. If I can find good Seuss fabric this will be made. Thank you!

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