Good morning! How are you guys doing?  It’s pretty swell over here.

Yesterday I was forced to stay at home.  Turned out to be a great thing.  You see, I wanted to teach my two Monday morning classes, but had to find subs.  I wanted to grocery shop, but driving was out of the question.  I didn’t want the glass to break on our rear back window, but it happened.  It’s still a mystery how it happened….


Since the repair guy gave me a big time frame for when he’d show up at, I was forced to stay home.   However, in the early morning Hunter and I set out for a quick walk down to Ace Hardware so I could pick up some rope.  I had a little DIY project I wanted to try out and figured an afternoon with no agenda was the perfect time.

I was originally inspired by Bonnie’s DIY rope changing basket, and then followed the tutorial she directed to for a DIY rope basket.  After making my tiny little basket, which took about 30-40 minutes, I’m in awe of the work she put into for a huge changing basket for his little baby boy Bear.

Here is my first attempt at a rope basket.


It is most definitely not perfect, but a start!

Here are some things I will do differently with my next one, which is going to be bigger:

  • be more patient and sew slower to make my lines more even
  • use regular thread – not heavy thread like I used above
  • start out with a larger stitch width (I adjusted about half way through)

With those changes, and having made one already, I think my next basket will be an improvement.  This one won’t go to waste though, we’re totally going to use it.

What’s the latest DIY project you’ve tackled?

Have a great Tuesday all!  We’re headed to the library for story time this morning then play time with a friend after.


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