I’ve totally felt like a blogging slacker lately.  I’ve had so much that I want to share lately too… I just never seem to make it to the computer.

So here’s some of what’s new:

  • Hunter started sleeping through the night last Friday!  He’s been going 8 hours at night, which-has-been-awesome.  Tuesday night he got me up at 2am (which was odd), but all the other nights have been 8 straight hours.
  • I was doing really well on the $200 grocery challenge, then I went running, ran some errands and went to costco (hungry).  Bad, bad idea Heather.  I left after spending $113 (I went a little crazy there), I’m well over my $200 mark.  I haven’t added it up, but had Costco not happened I know I would have been super close to my goal.  Update to come soon (I hope ;))!
  • I’ve been doing a lot of yard work during Hunter’s long afternoon nap.  When we bought our house 4 years ago the yard looked awesome – green grass, not over grown and not filled with angry blackberry vines everywhere.  Now… kind of the opposite of that.  I’ve slowly been working away at it.  Little bits at a time make it less overwhelming.  It’s still nothing pretty, but I’m hoping to get there.  Plus by next year where Hunter’s running around I want him to have a nice yard to play in.  Kids sure are motivation, huh?
  • Jacob and I have started to go to the Y gym as a little family. And that’s what this post is about.

When we’re there, Hunter goes to child watch.  Almost every time he’s been a major champ with no melt downs or freak outs.  Luckily the one time we had to get him early we were just workout out, and I wasn’t teaching.  I have this great fear Jacob won’t be there when he has a melt down and I’ll have to leave my class to get him.  I hope that never happens!

Typically Jacob goes to the weights section and I’m either on the treadmill, lifting weights too, spending some time foam rolling or doing a circuit in another room.  I’m a wild card. 🙂

If I’m on the treadmill, no way am I running long distances.  I just can’t stand anything more than 2-3 miles on there.  I get so bored, which is why I’ve got to do sprints on the treadmill.  They keep me focused since there is a constant change and constant challenge.  Plus time just flies by!


I thought this workout was super fun and with the varying intervals of recovery and sprints I was definitely never bored!

What’s your favorite treadmill workout?  And tell me, what’s new with you?

I’ve been slacking on commenting on all my blogs, but I read them all the time when I’m nursing!  I may not make it to my computer much but my phone is always handy.


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  1. “I’ve had so much that I want to share lately too… I just never seem to make it to the computer.” —> michelle and I feel the same way, not sure where time goes!
    love the pyramid sprint workout!!

  2. Oh wow sleeping through the night, thats the best!!! My second son woke up until he was 15 months old, that was fun. Glad he likes the child care at the gym, its always nice to get your children use to someone new so you can get a break, my daughter won’t let me out of my site, I haven’t had a break since shes been born more than a few hours if daddy watches her, but it’s usually just while she naps! I too can’t run long distance on the treadmill, I stick with either walking or sprints, I’ll have to try the one you posted.

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