Yesterday’s workout was very functional… but not the kind where you emulate picking up boxes, putting something on a shelf or jumping over a river.

Nope, this workout got me from A to B, then B to A.  Home –> work.  Work –> home.


My dad fixed the bike up for me over the weekend (remember the pedal incident?) and I just couldn’t wait to ride it in!  It took me just under 30 minutes to cover 6 miles (one way).  My car told me it was 6.6 miles, but I used my phone and GPS’d it the whole way and found out it was 6, so a little less.  Either way I was happy to be riding in again.

Do you ride into work?

This morning I’m headed to Pump It, the only workout I do at a gym because I help teach it.  The majority of my exercise is at home or outside.  You don’t have to be part of a gym to get a great workout in.  In fact, I absolutely love my [small] home gym.

If you’ve got a few weights and a stability ball, then you’ve got yourself a home gym.


Changing Up That Workout

Today I wanted to talk about workouts and variety.

If you’re doing the same workout over and over again and not seeing the results you want, it could be because your body needs some change.  You know what I’m going to tell you?  Keep doing that workout.. with just a slight change.  Change is good!

Your workout can become something totally different just by switching up the speed at which you move the weights (or your body).

Here we’re doing basic exercises, but alternating between moving fast through the movement, then slow, then back to fast.

Fast-Slow-Fast Upper Body Circuit Workout

Complete this workout circuit style.  Run through all exercises without any rest.  After you finish one round give your muscles a rest for 1 minute while doing jumping jacks.  Repeat 2 more times through for a total of 3 circuits.

For each exercise complete 5 fast reps (about 1 count up-1 count down), 5 slow reps (about 4 counts up-4 counts down), then 5 more fast reps.  Choose weights that will challenge you to that 15th rep.

1 minute of jumping jacks then repeat 2 more times through

Do you have a strength workout that you absolutely love and do all the time?  Let me know what it is and I’ll help you change it up!

Come back later today for day 2 of the 200 sit up challenge!  Missed day one?  Go ahead and check it out.

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0 thoughts on “Fast-Slow-Fast Upper Body Circuit”

  1. i used to love mixing up my runs with interval training, and mixing up my weight workouts, but now I’m so busy/lazy that I’ve been skipping gym workouts all together. At least I’m still keeping up regular running outdoors.

  2. I have really been wanting to bike to work, but I’m so afraid of the 1 miles stretch I would have to ride into downtown Chicago. Chicago drivers are crazy. I know, I was one 😉 Most of the ride would be awesome, but then I feel like I would have to end up walking it through the crazy streets…

  3. Whoop whoop to the bike being fixed! Josh and I want to get bikes soon (I’m sure I told you this already). I want to get a little back cart for the peanut too. Hope teaching is going well

  4. GREAT workout girl! I love fast and efficient workouts like that that keep your heart rate up and get those muscles pumpin 😉 i love that you used the stab ball too!