february highlights

february highlights

I cannot believe it is the end of April!  I just flipped my calendar over to April about midway through the month and added a few things to it, but mostly, the days are blank.  It’s nice having so many days with nothing written on them – I’m definitely soaking in this time where my schedule isn’t full… just my hands. :)

As things sometimes go with a new baby, I got behind on my monthly highlight recaps, so today and later this week I’m playing catch up.  I love these highlight post – I can watch how the kiddos change each month, see what we did with our time and highlight the posts from the month.  As always, I hope you enjoy a peek into our February!


There was a good week when the kids would walk hand in hand.  It didn’t last (Zoe is against it), but man, it’s cute and so sweet.  Hunter loves holding his sister’s hand.


I shared a day in the life with two toddlers post (read HERE).


We spent a morning playing at the kid’s club.  These kids love a good dance party + slides.  Rock on Hunter!


Zoe the explorer.  Undies, backpack and binoculars courtesy of Hunter.


Hunter practicing his knife skills.  For those of you interested, he’s using an ikea kid’s table knife, which is pretty dull.


I shared this delicious 2 minute tuna avocado salad (recipe HERE).


Cat hat.


The plank house at the Ridgefield wild life refuge is one of our favorite spots to go walk.  Plus, it’s such a beautiful building.


Wild life refuge walking.


The walking bridge that takes you to the plank house over the railroad tracks.  It was such a gorgeous sunset that night.


I don’t know about you, but I always think these car carts will make shopping easier.  It doesn’t.  Thank goodness for the lady who saw my kiddos and brought them balloons to entertain them (and keep their hands to themselves).


I sewed up matching dot dresses for Zoe and her baby doll.  Love.


We celebrated Zoe’s 2nd birthday with a pom pom party!  Read more here.


A random stop in at the small fire station downtown.  The kids got a fire truck tour and stickers.  They were in heaven.


He doesn’t nap often, but when he does, it usually involved Jacob or myself laying in bed with him.  A great reason to slow down and soak in some extra snuggles.


I shared a post on raw liver and why I added it into my diet + a smoothie recipe!  Check it out here.


Anything dirt and digging, they are into.  We cleaned up the garden and started to get it ready for spring planting.  This is the area next to the garden they get free reign to do whatever digging they in it.


We started working on scissor skills this month.  Hunter was stoked, and did really well!


I look away for half a second, and she face plants off of a bench onto the rough floor.  Thankfully it looks worse than it really was.


Impromptu ice cream date and walk around town with my girl.


Hunter woke up sick one weekend so just Zoe and I went to church that morning.  While it was not fun having a sick boy, I really loved getting one on one time with this kiddo.


Near the end of my pregnancy and I shared what I packed in my hospital bag.  Read the post HERE.


Sunshine and dandelions.  Love these three.


This was not as messy as it got.


Testing out the baby tub with a little spa treatment.


I taught my last body pump class of this pregnancy at 39 weeks.  Being an instructor keeps me motivated to stay strong until the end.


Without any prompting, he built these dumbbells and showed me his workout.  Like mother, like son.


I wrote a post on helping your kids to become real food loving kids by giving them the power of choice while grocery shopping.  (read HERE)


Two years with this gal has been pretty amazing.  Read her Dear Zoe post HERE.


At Zoe’s 2 year check up.  Happy birthday Zoe, here’s a shot! #momfail


Birthday treat steamed milk for my favorite littles.


My youngest brother came and spent a morning with us while he was here on his Air Force leave.  The kids had a blast with him.


A morning of worm hunting with these two around the neighborhood.  Little did I know what I had in store for that day.


That worm hunting evening, Nova Sienna arrived!


Beautiful baby girl.



Zoe meeting her sister was the sweetest thing.  All she wanted to do was hold her (and that’s still true to this day).

IMG_3080Family of five!


Back home with our sweet baby girl to end February.  It was a pretty exciting month!


Want more highlights?  Check out previous months:

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