Saturday morning we set out on a little road trip.  Destination = Seattle.


Plan for the long weekend?  Canning!

So. Much. Produce.


I’ve been very much into canning this year.  Remember my blackberry jam post?  Yeah, I was super excited for the weekend.

I wasn’t the only one.  My nephew Caden picked apples for the applesauce before we arrived.


My dad got some time with his youngest two grand daughters.


Hunter went crazy over the fresh apricots.  I don’t think he’d ever actually had them before and would chow down on one right after the next.



Mostly the gals did the canning, but the guys (especially my dad) helped out with it too – with clean up too.  There were LOTS of dishes.  A huge help.  They also relaxed and played jeux de boules.  Hunter got to enjoy seeing his first game chilling with his daddy.


Now onto what we canned!  We had a very ambitious list to start with.


We pulled recipes from my grandma’s old Ball canning book, my new favorite Food in Jars book, a pickle book and a couple more I am forgetting at the moment.

Day 1 began Saturday afternoon.  I actually didn’t get that many action shots… I was busy in the kitchen!  Here’s a peak into our day and Sunday as well.




Then Sunday evening we lined up everything we had finished.  Five out of six of us in the shot: my mom Lynda, sister in law Natalie, me, my aunt Arneta and Aunt Arlene.  My sister in law Chelbe was taking care of her little girl Emma at the time.


From Saturday afternoon to Sunday evening here’s what we finished (left to right): apricot jam (regular and low sugar), mixed berry jam, canned peaches, dill pickle spears, tomato sauce (turned out more like tomato juice), bread and butter pickles, peach salsa, peach jam, apple sauce and more mixed berry jam.


Monday morning we knocked out 69 jars (would have been 70 but we had our first jar break in the canner!) in 3 hours.

Gloves – necessary when handling hot chili peppers.


Here’s what we did that final morning (front to back): honey apricot jam, sweet pickle relish, dill pickle slices, dill pickle spears, diced tomatoes and a big ol’ quart of pickled jalapenos.


It was such a fun weekend!  Definitely exhausting, but most definitely worth every minute.  And a new tradition for Labor day weekend!  We like traditions in my family (mmmmm pie making competition).

Tell me about your long weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  Do you have traditions in your family?


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