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Group Fitness

Welcome group fit pros!


In 2011 I made my dream a reality and jumped into teaching group fitness classes.  Best decision ever.  This page is here to help you achieve that dream, and also to inspire other group fitness instructors.  I teach bodypump, cycle, strength, bootcamp, yoga, water aerobics, turbo   kick and silver sneakers, so occasionally I’ll share ideas from those classes to help spark ideas for ya!

Let me know if you have any questions.  I love helping new instructors get started.


what to expect the day of your AFAA primary group fitness certification

Q & A: what to expect the day of your AFAA group fitness certification (follow up to previous post)

AFAA group fitness certification: section 1

AFAA group fitness certification: section 2

AFAA indoor cycle workshop

prepping, teaching and truly loving that first group fitness class

the first day

top 10 reasons I love being a group fitness instructor

diving into water aerobics

back to cycle after baby


big circuit full body strength workout


what is body pump?

body pump, all weekend long

body pump launch 79

body pump launch 80

body pump launch 81

challenge creates change

body pump launch 85


45 minute cycle playlist + breakdown

saturday cycle + abs playlist

race to the hills cycle ride


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