from baby to dad ~ 10 homemade father's day gift ideas

Father’s day is right around the corner.  Like, hello weekend, hi it’s Father’s day.  This is Jacob’s second Father’s day.  Last year I began growing 3 types of hops for him, and they are actually still growing well!  This year, Hunter will be giving Jacob something.  But what?  It maaayyyyyy be one or two of these ideas.  Maybe.  Maybe not (Jacob if you are reading this….).

These are all crafty gift ideas.  Since Hunter is only 1, the craft will be done by me, but with Hunter’s inspiration.  If you’ve been following me on pinterest, these will not be new to you!  If you don’t follow me, feel free to, it’s a fun place. :)

Click on the picture to be taken to the pinterest link!

Footprint bookmarks


Holding hands picture


Hand print card


“Hands down” picture


Footprint picture


Massage/race track back shirt


Book about dad


“dad rocks” paperweight


Portrait of dad


DAD picture with kid


And as a bonus idea, Giselle share this one: I had my son paint a flower pot then put his handprint on it, before modge podging and filling with some of my hubby’s favorite candy. Cute and easy!

Are you making anything for your dad?  Or are your kids making anything for their dad?

I am a major procrastinator this year….


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