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Ever since Hunter hit the 4 month sleep regression, nighttime sleep just hasn’t been the same (I miss the simple night where he slept 12 hours straight through!). He’s slept through the night since the regression, but I feel like most nights he wakes up now. Around the time we started solids it got worse, but I have a theory on that for another day.

Today I’m here for your tips/advice!

Hunter used to go down for the night around 8pm. He would sleep through the night, or wake up for me to feed him. That’s not so much the issue. Now when he goes down around 8pm, he wakes up 45 minutes – 1 hour later like he just took a nap. Trying to get him back to sleep after that is a struggle to say the least. Last night was the worse it’s been, finally getting him to sleep around 11:20pm. I think teething may be part of the issue, but there’s another piece to it. His wake up time used to be around 6-6:30am, now it’s pushed back to 7:30-8:30am, probably from him getting to sleep later.  It just seemed to happen one day.

We’ve been pretty blessed with how good of a sleeper Hunter has been, but this one is throwing me for a loop!

Any tips on how to get him down for the night and into night time sleep, not just for a nap? We’re trying to get more of a nighttime routine going… probably just more consistency would help.  I think I’ll also try and keep him up a bit later tonight and see if that helps… thoughts?



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  • For us, it was all about not forcing a bed time (now every baby is different!). We kind of let Kaylin dictate when shes ready for bed. When she CHOOSES when shes ready (vs. us choosing for her), she sleeps through the night just great!

    • all the infor I read said if you put baby to sleep before they get over tierd, I start to put sara slowly to bed start at 6 pm, change in pjs, soft music, lights off, and rocker her few mints and than she sleeps till 2 am ,goes back to sleep till 6 am.not bad at all..her day naps are very short 35 min naps…every baby is so different. can try the same routine each night..good luck…teething is hard ..I use a little baby orjel it helps..

  • Maybe he’s not that tired anymore at 8pm? Maybe try putting him down later, or holding off putting him to bed later after an extra hour or so of play. If he’s going to sleep before he’s ready, that may explain the quick wake up.

    Just a thought! Good luck! Let us know how everything goes!

  • Does Hunter fall asleep on his own or does he need to be rocked to sleep before being put down? Roberto ALWAYS wakes 45-60 min after being put down, but since we taught him to soothe himself he doesn’t need our help to fall back asleep.

    Also, I’m sure you already know this, but watch his awake time. Roberto can’t go more than 2 hours being awake during the day before needing a nap!

  • Not much tips, as our 4 months sleep regression has turned into a really awful time. I do feel teething has a bit part to do with it (and solids too) as two nights ago, we were up every 45 min to 1 hr, that I brought in the swing to be used last night when we first put him down (he is 2 days shy of 7 months now). I think with solids it is giving our dude gas but non painful gas like he had when he was mere weeks old – but gets him bloated a bit that sometimes when he wakes up at like 3, 4, or 5 he does a lot of tooting.

    I cant give much help than that as our kid fights sleep more than you can imagine, Iknow he is always over tired but not much you can do when he screams bloody murder for most naps and bed time…

  • Both my kids were different. My first born was the same as hunter (who by the way has got to be the cutest kid), we would try so hard to keep him awake and not give him an evening nap because of that same issue…we tried everything…I will say that when they start solids their digestion takes a little bit to get used to by their body :( Our boy only went through it for about 3 weeks….which I know sounds like forever when your up in the night… but it will pass. We started to put him to bed around 9-9:30 and it seemed to help a little bit. Good luck I feel for you 😉

  • I’d try an earlier bedtime. Once we realized he needed it it made all the difference. 4 month sleep regression sucks, hang in there mama, better nights’ rest are ahead for all!

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