holiday crafting and gift ideas

Good morning! How’s your weekend been? We have a quiet Sunday ahead. Church then just spending time together at home as a little family. We may even pull the Christmas decorations out of the attic. It’s almost time to get them up!

I spent a couple hours entertaining myself on pinterest during our drive home from some friend’s house last weekend. Basically until the battery on my phone was down to 3%. I’m feeling very crafty right now and want to make tons of homemade things. Here are just a few ideas!

Very cool string art idea.  Another word for xmas though.

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

Cute and yummy peppermint hot cocoa mix.

Homemade grill rubs.

A fun use for small mason jars… pin cushions!

Homemade soap to go with…

Homemade mason jar soap dispenser… with a holiday themed wrap around it.

And lastly, for holiday decor… $1 pack of paper snowflakes to make a wreath.

Are you doing any crafting or gift making this holiday season?  Links are welcome!

Happy Sunday!


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