The homemade kefir ranch dressing our family is obsessed with!  It is not only delicious, but also packed with good for you ingredients  A longtime favorite in our house, for both kid and adult dipping!

Homemade Kefir Ranch Dressing

What is kefir?

Are you familiar with kefir?  For the longest time I had not tried or tasted it.  I figured it was a variation on yogurt and was made similarly.  Once I tasted kefir and saw the buttermilk like consistency, I would then describe it as “yogurt milk” to my kids- because to me it really just tasted like runnier yogurt.

Well, it turns out kefir is made very differently than yogurt.  Instead of heating and adding cultures like you do with yogurt, you simply add the kefir grains (which are not really grains) into milk and allow the probiotics to do their fermenting thing for 24 hours.  Pretty simple!  Now that I’m in the know, that’s next on my to-make-at-home list!  For a full tutorial and a lot more information on kefir, check out this post on thekitchn I found really helpful.

If you want to attempt making homemade yogurt in a crock pot, I do have that how-to for ya!  Check them out: homemade crockpot yogurt and how to make thick greek yogurt.

kefir ranch dressing

Homemade Kefir Ranch Dressing

Now onto this amazing homemade kefir ranch dressing!  The main stars in this delicious dip are the avocado oil mayo (you can really use any mayo we just love our homemade avocado oil mayo), kefir and tons of herbs.  It’s a little bit tangy from the kefir, super creamy from the mayonnaise, and perfect for those taste buds given all the herbs.  My kids LOVE it.  I LOVE it.  My husband LOVES it.  HAPPY family!

homemade kefir ranch dressing

We can down a whole batch with a meal, so definitely double the recipe if you are making it for a lot of people like we do in our house.  I keep the dressing for up to 1 week, but usually it’s gone within just a few days!

I hope this kefir ranch dressing becomes a standard in your house as well!  Your gut gets good for your probiotics with every dip thanks to the kefir!  Ready?  Let’s take our veggie dipping up another notch!

homemade kefir ranch dressing

Homemade Kefir Ranch Dressing

Adapted from here



  1. Combine all the ingredients into a bowl and whisk until mixed.
  2. Store covered in the fridge for up to 1 week.

Are you a ranch fan?  Have you ever tried kefir or attempted to make it at home?  Any tips send em my way!


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