hospital go bag + aurorae yoga mat flip flop review + giveaway 

hospital go bag + aurorae yoga mat flip flop review + giveaway 

I am officially 5 days away from my due date!  Since I’ve anticipated going late again, I have totally allowed myself to be a slacker in the whole prep for baby game.  But I’m am happy to say that prep is finally done.  The baby clothes and cloth diapers have been found and washed, the pack n play is waiting in our bedroom (to be set up, but at least it’s there!), the car seats have been moved around and all 3 are installed and now the hospital bag is prepped and ready to go!


If you are curious about what to pack for your hospital bag, here’s what I find necessary.  It’s pretty minimalistic in my opinion, but it’s what I’ve found I actually use when at the hospital.

Snacks (so important to me!): date/nut balls (this recipe), pecan coconut bars (this recipe), clif bloks energy chews (the only time I use these is during labor) and epic bars.  The date/nut balls and pecan coconut bars are waiting for me to grab from the freezer, the rest is in the bag.  If I have time before leaving I’ll probably grab yogurt and granola as well.

Clothes for me: comfy lounge pants and pj pants, nursing tank 2x, loose t-shirt, sweatshirt, underwear 2x, handful bra (easy to use for nursing), socks 2x and aurora flip flops

Clothes for Jacob: sweatpants, basketball shorts, t-shirt 2x, underwear 2x, zip up hoodie, socks 2x

Clothes for baby: pjs 2x, onsie, pants, socks, hat, swaddle blanket 2x

Toiletries: toothbrush/toothpaste, razor, comb and brush, hair ties, make up, glasses and contact solution (for Jacob) and blow drier

Other: phone charger, purse and wallets


Not everything is actually in the bag (which is my gym bag that I love so – similar to this one), but what isn’t packed is written on a list to grab last minute since they are items we use daily and can’t keep packed up.  I also packed a go bag for my kiddos with 2 days worth of clothes/diapers for them.  All I have to grab is their special sleeping items and them when the time comes.


Now onto the flip flops!

I have partnered with Aurorae before to review one of their yoga mats and actually have the northern lights yoga mat as well which I was gifted from a friend that I absolutely adore and use almost daily.  This time got the chance to try out their flip flops made from yoga mat material.  So comfy!  It’s like walking on multiple yoga mats.  Since it is winter here I’ve only worn them inside a couple of times to test them out but cannot wait for warmer days to walk around in them outside.  They make walking for my pregnant, semi swollen feet much more cushiony. They are packed in my hospital bag for the hours of walking I anticipate doing.  Comfy feet are important during labor!

To share the Aurorae love they are letting me give away a pair of flip flops to one lucky reader!  To enter all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me where you would take these flip flops along with you.


The giveaway is open for one week to US residents.  I will announce the winner Tuesday, March 1 2016 (unless I am in the middle of having a baby!).  Thanks to Aurorae for letting me try out these great flip flops and sharing a pair with one of you!

Where would you take these flip flops along with you?  And what items or food are a must for your hospital bag?



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