I officially found out I was pregnant on September 18th, the weekend of paintballing + race for the cure.  However, I thought I was almost a week before then.

The signs started that previous Monday evening…

As I was getting into bed that night I got a sharp paint in my boob and uterus. I was close to starting my period, so it could have been that. But, it felt different.

The next couple day I noticed my boobs feeling fuller… again could have to do with an upcoming period.

On Thursday (28 days after my last cycle started) I took a pregnancy test. It was negative… but I didn’t really believe it.  I thought it was wrong and I was really disappointed by seeing just one line.

Thursday evening I taught cycle and could not believe how sweaty I got. It was literally pouring out of me. So gross and very unlike me, even in cycle.

Friday morning I went to pump it and kept my weight lighter than normal.  Even though it should have been easier, I felt weak.  Later that day I ended up subbing cycle.  Again I was a sweaty mess.

Saturday was my third day in a row subbing cycle and I made sure to keep my resistance lighter. Still, I sweated like crazy.  It was insane!

I also noticed my heart rate increased super quickly even during the warm up.  It was then that I thought to myself… I’m either pregnant or over trained because this is not normal.

After Saturday’s cycle class I had a few hours to kill before going paint balling.  I had all these plans to be productive… clean, bake and put away laundry.  I did none of those.  Instead I laid on the couch for a long while messing on my phone.

After paint ball on Saturday I was exhausted.   I fled to the couch for an evening with Jacob.

Sunday my mom and I ran the Race for the Cure. An easy 3 mile run together + lots of sample snacking. On the shuttle bus ride back to our cars I was, again, so tired I close my eyes and rested on my moms shoulder.  I just knew something was different.

Once I got home (after a quick mall + whole foods stop), I took another pregnancy test (I only had 2 left from the triple pack I picked up the Thursday before).

It was positive this time!

Then an hour later I took another. Still positive!

Amazing. I guess I know my body a little better than I thought.

Oh and one more thing I noticed… a bit of heart burn. Nothing too bad, just noticeable.   Luckily that only lasted the first couple of weeks… so far!


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