how varied is your diet? #40plantfoodschallenge

how varied is your diet? #40plantfoodschallenge

This week I’m taking on the 40 plant foods challenge. Basically Maryea is inspiring me (and many others!) to strive to eat 40 different plant foods in a weeks time.


I like to think that I get a good variety in my diet, but I know I eat a lot of repeat foods.  Foods that are good for me like oats, bananas, kale and nut butters… but is there enough variety?  Each of those good for me plant foods only counts once during the challenge.  I’m looking forward to seeing how my diet turns out over a weeks time. To really get a look at how much variety I eat in a 7 day period.

Although it’s a challenge, I’m using this week as more of an inspired observation.  First I want to see what kind of plant foods variety I have, then I’ll work on improving it as needed.

The plant foods that count include all whole, unprocessed plant foods. Included in this group is fruits, vegetables, herbs, legumes, nuts, seeds, and intact whole grains (from Maryea’s Q & A).


Here’s a run down of the whole plant foods I ate on day 1.

Rolled oats
Sunflower seed butter
Green onion

Day 1 total: 10

1/4 of the way there! I know as the week goes on the daily number will be lower as I’ll eat a lot of these things again. I’m excited to see how it goes!

I’m going to share where I finish at the end of the day on Instagram with the hashtag #40plantfoodschallenge.

Thinking of joining?! You should! If not as a challenge, turn it into inspired self observation like me.

Here’s to a varied, healthy diet!


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