It’s so true what they say, once you have a kid time sure speeds up.  I can’t believe our little man is already 15 months.  Well really it’s getting closer to 15 1/2 months – I’m falling behind!


This month – more words!  I wish I had a count of how many unprompted words he says, but just thinking off the top of my head, here are some:

Mommy/mama, daddy, baby, grandpa, paci (sounds like papi a lot of the time), bottle, ball, doggie, Joe (our dog’s name), kitty, banana, avocado, cheese, apple, shoes, up, car, belly button (b-b-button), get down, more, please (peas) what’s that (wasdaaat), tooth, monkey, cow, owl and so so soooo many different animal sounds.  Plus way more I know I’m not thinking of.

He is also really good at trying to say words (normally objects we point out) he has never said before.  I think a lot of it has to do with him being a good repeater and that he always likes doing what we do.


Again this month, so much understanding! I feel like less defiance too, which is nice. He typically seems to misbehave a bit when he’s tired or hungry, but at least not much when he’s happy, alert and well fed.  And misbehaving for him is continuing to climb the stairs after I tell him up get down, throwing hard toys on the hardwood after being told not to or making a mess with the dog water when he knows he shouldn’t and is normally really good about staying away from it. So really, not that bad of stuff.

One new development this month is a bit odd, but maybe it’s totally normal.  When he is told no or gets something taken away that he shouldn’t have, he likes to hit his head (mostly when he’s already tired).  Either with his hand or he’ll hit his head on things.  It’s not like we hit him, so I don’t really know where that came from.  I feel like he almost needs to punish himself… or at least that’s how it comes across.

Have any of your kiddos gone through a stage like that before?  I’m assuming it’s a stage and that it will pass with time so I’m really not too worried about it, more curious if it’s normal.

Last week I shared a look into what he eats.  He’ll typically eat 3 meals a day (like I showed on that particular day), but if he does end up skipping a morning nap or waking up from his afternoon nap early I’ll give him a snack to hold him over until his next meal.


About 3 weeks ago he had a mild case of pink eye.  That was the first trip into the doctor for a non well-child check up.  The pink eye didn’t really seem to bother him much.  I did get his weight when we were in there – 22.5 lb, so about a 2 lb gain in 2.5 months.  One thing I find so interesting is that he packs down the food – the boy loves his food and eats so much of it, yet he definitely isn’t a chunker.  With all his running, climbing and craziness he must burn off all those calories.


Speaking of climbing, he’s officially a couch climber.  He also likes climbing onto the ottoman, which I don’t really like.  Yesterday he was laying on it belly down, and just rolled right on off.  After a few minutes of crying he was fine.  I’m sure that won’t be the last time that happens!

His sleeping habits haven’t really changed much the last month.  We wakes in the morning around 7:30am (sometimes 7am, sometimes 8am).  He’ll take his first nap around 10:45-11am and it lasts about 45 minutes.  I’ll typically put him down for his long afternoon nap between 2:30-3pm.  Sometimes he falls asleep right away, sometimes he’s in his bed happily playing and bouncing for up to an hour.  Lately the length has varied a bit, lasting anywhere from 1.5 hours – 3 hours.  Then he’s back to bed at 7:30pm.  I love that even when he wakes at 6pm after a 3 hour nap, he has no problem going to bed 1.5 hours later.


Hunter now has 4 teeth and he sure loves using them.  2 on the bottom, 2 on the top.  Yesterday he was chomping down on a whole apple.  He didn’t make it very far into it, but did make a bit of progress.  Can’t do that without teeth!  We’ve been harvesting our sugar snap peas from the garden and he loves to take one of them and run it along his bottom teeth breaking off little pieces to eat.

Teething really hasn’t been a big issue in our house (thankfully!).  He mostly just drools a lot more and his pee sometimes smells like ammonia.


Over the weekend I began reading Tantrum Free Toilet Training which came highly recommended by a friend with 2 twin boys.  It’s definitely getting me excited to potty train Hunter.  I can’t believe we’re almost there.  That’s always seemed so far away but we’ll be starting it within a few months.  Gotta free up those cloth diapers for the next baby!  Plus it’s just something I want to have out of the way before the baby arrives (that way he’ll get all my full attention during the training) and before Hunter arrives into his terrible twos, if it brings terribleness.  I sure hope it doesn’t.

Have any of you read/used that book? I will definitely share more about our potty training after we begin it… but it’s still a few months down the road. 🙂


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  1. So much fun! Kay did the weird hitting herself thing for a little bit. She doesn’t do it any more- always puzzled me! I wouldn’t say 2s are TERRIBLE….they’re just busy. I love Kay at this age, but going out to a restaurant has become out of the question because there is no sitting still right now 😉

    1. I actually don’t think they’ll be terrible like some stories you hear about. He just keeps getting more and more fun, so I’m thinking that will just continue on!

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