Little man Hunter is growing up too quickly!  He’s officially closer to being a 2 year old than a 1 year old. Sniff sniff :'(


Hunter is the sweetest kid.  He loves being our little helper.  After we finish eating he gets so excited to put his bib and the dirty napkins in the basket in the bathroom.  He’s also a pro at cleaning up spills, even when I don’t tell him to.  It seems like I’m always dripping water at the fridge water dispenser and one day he was in there and said ‘water’, grabbed the towel that was hanging on the stove and cleaned it up.  Yup, he’s already cleaning up after his mommy too.

Counting and the alphabet have been big this month.  He can (definitely not perfectly) count to 10 and also knows some of the alphabet.  Jacob will say the ABCs with him and he anticipates what’s coming next and says a letter one or two before.  And instead of saying the letter N, he always calls it nurse, which is the picture in one of our ABCs books.


Potty training is still going well!  I have yet to put him in child watch without a diaper, but come the new year I’m going to try it out.  I think he’ll be fine, since he pretty much always pees on the little potty there when I drop him off, and again at the end keeping his diaper dry.  I just need to take the leap myself and trust him.  He’ll randomly have an accident, but it’s definitely not every day anymore… maybe a couple times a week.  When he was sick (stomach bug) we kept him in diapers and thankfully he just picked up his potty training where he left off once he was better.


I’d have to say, books are still his favorite thing.  We’ve been reading a lot of Christmas books, including frosty the snowman.  It’s the song in book form and quite fun to sing.  He loves songs in general.  Jacob’s special one he does with Hunter is the wheels on the bus, and I just sing whatever song/nursery rhyme I can think of.  At bedtime he has a favorite song he wants to hear, which he calls Jesus.  It’s Michael row the boat ashore from his bedtime prayer book.  He also calls the book Jesus, probably because it has Jesus loves me in there.

Also speaking of prayer, I love that he understands praying before we eat.  He puts his hands together and gets super excited at the end when we say amen… which is ‘AMEN!’ from Hunter. 🙂  If I forget to pray before lunch (which happens a lot in the rush), he reminds me by saying amen.  Smart little fella.  I also use praying at bed time as a signal that we’re done reading and it’s time to go to bed.  When I say it’s time to pray he’ll flip around belly to belly with me, lay his hands together on my shoulder and rest his head on his hands.  After we pray we’re all set up for some cuddles then sleepy time.


He goes down between 7:15-7:45pm and usually wakes up between 7-8am.  He’s also still napping once a day.  I try to have him down by 1pm.  A good and normal nap lasts about 1.5 hours.  A great nap lasts 2-3 hours, but they usually only happen if he’s making up for a bad nap or poor sleep from the day before.


One new food he’s tried and so far loves this month are tiny shrimp.  I think they’re called shrimp meat, but they’re the kind you don’t have to peel or prep.  I love them because they are super easy and a great source of protein.  I keep a bag in the freezer (they thaw under water in about 20-30 seconds) for my salad rolls, but he’s also been loving eating them.  Awesome kiddo food!

Even though the tray is pictured above, we’ve pretty much moved on to Hunter being up to the table in his booster seat with his own plate.  No broken dishes to report so far!


I can’t wait for Hunter to be a big brother.  I think he’ll love it… but I also hope it isn’t too hard of a transition since he’s used to being the center of attention.  Just 2 more months and we’ll enter into that new territory!

Any favorite and simple kiddo food ideas?  Hunter loves food and is great about trying new things.  He even tried and ate fried oysters at thanksgiving… I couldn’t even handle the small bite I tried eating but he was a rock star. 


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