How have 2 months already gone by?!? Well, really more than 2 months. July 28th marked that day. We’re almost half way thought August now!


I just went back and read through Hunter’s 1 month post. It was fun to re-read what it was like then. Things have been changing so much lately, and definitely ALL for the better.


New developments this month:

  • SO MUCH smiling 🙂
  • he makes tons of noise – he’s definitely becoming a talker – I even got it on video (below)
  • much more independent – can hang out and play by himself a lot more
  • sucking on his hands – watching his hands – beginning to grab small objects with his hands
  • he’s happier in his car seat – he used to cry almost instantly when we’d put him in there
  • he loves watching TV (although I really don’t want him watching it)
  • he does really well with people he doesn’t know – so far no problems with child watch at the gym!
  • his neck is much stronger
  • no more tears at bath time – all smiles now
  • he takes a pacifier much better now, but still isn’t obsessed with it

And the video of Hunter saying hi!

I just love that kid. 🙂

He had his 2 month well-baby check up and got his first shot too. As far as growth goes, he weighed 11 pounds 11 ounces, and was 23.75 inches long. Right on track.

Instead of receiving the standard 5 (I think) vaccines at 2 months, the pediatrician and I decided on an alternative schedule. She called it the Sear’s schedule. I found this page online, which is what the first 7 months will be like. Basically instead of going in for shots every 2 months, we’ll go in every month so he isn’t receiving as many vaccines at one time.

At 2 months he received the oral vaccine for Rotavirus, and a shot in the leg for DTaP. He didn’t like either and cried from the shot. I totally thought I’d cry, but I was surprisingly strong and didn’t. I ended up getting a DTaP booster for myself when we were there since here in Washington there’s been a huge outbreak in whooping cough (not something little Hunter wants to get).

I’ve heard that a fever is pretty common for babies after they get shots. Luckily he didn’t get one. The only side effect I noticed was that he became a little fussier eating for the next 2-3 days. After that he went back to normal.


He’s had a definite change in his schedule. I’m so happy with it, especially since I’m now only getting up once at night. 🙂

Here’s what it’s like, most days.

7-7:30am wake

7:30 – 8am eat + play

If I’m teaching that morning I’d normally leave during this time OR we leave the house to run errands/go for a run

8:30 -9am nap – always 45 minutes, almost on the dot – no longer, no less

9:15-9:45am his grumpy time

10:30-11am eat + play

11:30-12pm nap – this is his long nap – usually at least 3 hours long – I try to stay home during this time

3-3:30pm eat + play

Depending on the day, we may leave for the gym to workout or Jacob to workout + me teach. Hunter goes to child watch.

He’ll get another 30-60 minute nap in there, but is usually pretty happy. Not always though, sometimes he is grumpy.

6-6:30pm eat + play

Once he starts to get fussy, about an hour after eating, we swaddle him up and get him to fall asleep. He usually stays asleep until he gets hungry and wakes.

8:30-9:30pm eat + straight back to bed

1:30-3am eat + straight back to bed

7-7:30am wake and start again!

This schedule is actually a pretty change recent. Just this last week it changed to this and it seems to fit perfectly. Depending on the times I’m teaching I have to feed him a little early or later, but he seems to roll with the changes pretty well. I’m glad he can pretty easily go 4 hour stretches during the day between eating if I need him to.

Something fun – we put him in the jumper. A couple more inches and he’ll be able to bounce off the ground!


This time he just sucked on the fabric in the front.

So that’s what’s new with our little man Hunter. 3 months will be here in no time!


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  1. So cute! Love his expressions! And the dog in the background- feels like my house haha. The shot routine sounds great. I always give Kay a little tylenol before shots- it realllllly helps. Some of them she had very little reaction to, but later on she had a very very fussy reaction to. Since the tylenol- no problems

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