Hunter: 23 months

Hey! Long time no talk, right?  It’s been a wonderful whirl wind of a week and weekend since I last hoped on here.  Sometimes I get in a grove and post 4-5 times a week… then other times I’m lucky if I get one up. Guess that’s just how it goes! We have another busy week coming up with Hunter’s birthday tomorrow.  How is he going to be 2?!?!  Before he hits that 24 month mark, I’ve gotta share what’s new and happening with my little stud.


His talking. So amazing. My mom suggested we write down all the words he knows and just thinking about it sounds like a big job. Maybe for his 2 year update?? He knows over 100 words for sure. He understands directions (up, down, behind, inside, outside, forward, backward, etc), emotions (I can ask him to show me happy or sad and he’ll laugh or pretend cry) and he puts together thought and sentences that actually make sense for situation (“don’t crash mommy” as I’m driving the car).  Just this last week he’s been pointing out the stop lights and saying “green light means go” and “red light means go”… errr gotta work on that one.


Speaking of car, he’s front facing now too.  We figured he was close enough to 24 months.  So far it’s been super fun!

He’s practicing his combat punches there.  Love that kid.


He’s big into ‘mine’ right now, especially when it comes to his actual toys. He just doesn’t like sharing, but we just continue to teach him that sharing is nice. Little does he know that once Zoe gets moving he’s really going to have to learn how to share.


He hasn’t gotten any new teeth in lately, although I did think he was teething since his pee had a very strong ammonia smell (normally that happens when he’s teething). The ammonia gave him such bad sores on his bum and to finally clear it up we put him in disposables for about a week. Since it’s cleared and gone he’s been back in cloth diapers. I’m thinking I’ll probably put him in disposables sooner next time to help the sores from getting too bad.


I’ve been trying to get him outside everyday, which has been pretty easy with the nice weather. As I type this he’s outside with Jacob doing guy stuff… working on the shed. He loves it. He also loves peeing outside standing. It was bound to happen sometime! We’re going camping later this summer so I’m glad it’s a skill he’s learned.


He also loves helping me in the kitchen. He gets his little kids table knife + cutting board and we cook together. It’s super fun for me and also allows me to get things done in the kitchen with him happily there too.


His almost 2 year sleep/eating schedule looks a bit like this:

7-8am wake up + eat breakfast

10-10:30am snack (normally fruit – something small to tide him over)

12pm lunch

1-1:30pm down for a nap

3-4:30pm wake from nap (it really varies a ton) – if he wakes after 4 I try to hold off on a snack if he’s happy, but if he wakes early I give him fruit or raisins to hold him over)

5-5:30pm dinner

7:30pm into bed – sometimes he falls asleep by 8, but normally I hear him talking away in his room until at least 8:30, maybe 9


What are your go-to kid snacks? My defaults are always bananas, raisins and sometimes cheese or yogurt if I know he has to wait a while longer until his next meal.

Just one more night and my sweet little boy will be 2!


3 thoughts on “Hunter: 23 months

  1. Our little ones are nearly the same age! My little gal is almost 22 months. Isn’t it crazy that they are almost 2!? Baffles me! I can’t wait to turn around her carseat as well, I know she will be so much happier!

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