It’s hard to think of Hunter as an infant anymore, he’s turning into such a little boy!


He loves playing and laughing.  We love making him laugh, so we’re always being goofy around him.

Just last night he was bouncing around on Jacob’s shoulders, and I caught the most awesome thing…. drool!

Swimming and bath time are always a blast.  We went swimming for the first time last Friday and we’re going again today.

Hands are a tasty accompaniment to any activity.

He jumps like a crazy kid.  Seriously, that boys LOVES to jump.  Our neighbors gave us some of their kids favorite toys, including the jumperoo, and I see why it was their favorite.  It’s just such a blast for him. He’ll spend 30-40 minutes at a time just jumping away happily the entire time.

Tummy time is now fun for him, especially when he has someone else’s new toy to look at.

He has lots of play dates with Mabel.  She enjoys tugging on his ears, and more recently, stealing his paci from his mouth and putting it in hers.  Aren’t they just so cute together??


He sleeps 10-11 hours a night, usually.  I preface the usually here.  Two nights ago he woke me at 3:30am, then last night at 1:30am and 5:30am.  I think he might be going through a bit of a growth spurt now too.

He goes to sleep around 9-9:30pm and wakes between 7:30-8am, usually.

He’s a wonderful napper now too.  He’ll just fall asleep in your arms when he gets tired.  Or if he’s not wanting to sleep like that, he gets a little fussy, his eyes get red and he starts tugging on his ears.  All we do then is swaddle him up, give him the paci and he’s out!  We still swaddle him for most naps, but no longer for nighttime sleep.

Nighttime waking

Jacob will ask me if he wakes up hungry in the middle of the night, and I’m not sure if he’s hungry, or just had trouble falling back to sleep.  I always just feed him.  I don’t want to try and force him back to sleep if he woke up hungry.  I figure that’s why he wakes up, and he always goes back to sleep easily after he eats.  He doesn’t seem to turn it into a routine when I feed him in the middle of the night.  If he was constantly waking at 3:30am just because it was that time, I may try something different, but since it varies so much I just roll with it.


We don’t plan to introduce solids until he’s at least 6 months, but what we have started doing every once in a while is give him a little piece of fruit to suck on. So far he’s tried apple, grape (cut in half) and cucumber, and has enjoyed them!  He can’t yet hold the fruit/veggie in his mouth by himself, so we do it.  He sucks up the flavor and really likes it.  I think he’ll be excited about new flavors when we get there!

In addition to nursing, he’s been taking a bottle sooooooo well.  He struggled a bit the first couple times, but now he’s a champ at it.  He even holds onto the bottle.

He’s a pretty good nurser, but usually in the evenings he get pretty fussy and pulls off a lot + gets frustrated.  A lot of the time when he’s fighting it I have to stand and nurse him.  Maybe he likes the movement?

I love this picture because he looks so big!

Remember how little he was just 3 months ago?  Such a big difference.

I think he’s starting to become a little copy cat.

Daddy does something…

Mommy does something…

Then Hunter copies it…

On Monday he had his 4 month check up.  As the pediatrician always says, he’s perfect (of course ;)).  He got 1 shot (Tdap) and 1 oral vaccine (rotovirus).  No reaction to them this time, which I was happy about, and he only cried for a second when he got it.

Latest stats:

  • 14 pounds, 7 ounces (25th percentile)
  • 25 inches long (75th percentile)
  • head circumference 16 inches (50th percentile)

He is definitely not chunky, but very long!  I don’t worry too much about his weight being on the lower end.  Jacob was tall and skinny when he was little, plus he’s been consistently growing every month.  I have a feeling all the jumping he does burns a lot of calories too.

He wears size 3-6 months in most things, but definitely outgrows his pants quicker with the big cloth diaper butt.

He has rolled over once so far, from his tummy to his back.  We’ll see when all the rolling begins!

That’s the latest with out little man. Wonder what 5 months will bring. 🙂


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  1. He might be going through the 4-month sleep regression. Our son did that (he’s 13 months now). It took me awhile to figure out if he was just waking up during the night or if he was hungry. I can’t even remember now when we dropped the middle of the night feeding – that infant stage seems like so long ago!

    Love the drool in the hair! My husband got puke right in his face and mouth once… he learned not to play to hard after feeding after that 🙂

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