Last Sunday Hunter turned 5 months old!

We had a brunch with Jacob’s parents and grandma. Hunter was of course the star of the party. He even got a gift to open! A just because gift, not really for turning 5 months old.

He loved playing with the bag and eating the tissue paper.


That’s what’s new this month. Everything goes into his mouth… fingers, toys, and his favorite thing of all, cloth. Especially cloth with his thumb at the same time.

He is so much fun and brings so many smiles to my face every single day. It’s such a blessing to able spend my days with this happy little boy. My favorite thing are his laughs. They’re so goofy and contagious.

He’s staying more and more alert these days. He stays awake in the car much longer than he used to. Typically he’s up for about 2 hours before needing a quick 45 minute nap.

Naps are still about 45 minutes long throughout the day, except for in the rare occasion they’re double that. Typically at my mom’s house… he naps soooooo well there. We’ve been starting our day around 6-6:30am lately, and after about 1-1.25 hours he needs a nap.

I still take him to childwatch with me at the gym when I teach. He’s had a bit of a rough time there lately with being sad. Not sad like he misses me (well, maybe) when I leave, but he just cries. No fun for anyone. Last week I was determined to make it better so instead of feeding him at home before we left I fed him in the parking lot once we arrived, brought lots of his toys + an extra blanket to be swaddle in if needed. I was glad to ear that it went well with zero tears! He got to jump and the other kids played with him and kept him distracted. Distractions work well!

I had high hopes it would go well on Monday, but that wasn’t the case. 40 minutes of crying himself to sleep. 🙁 We’ll just take it day by day and keep trying different things. I feel bad for him and the gals watching him. He’s such a happy boy, but in childwatch not so much.

Hunter went through his first little cold a couple weeks ago. He got it from me, and I got it from Jacob. Running nose, sneezes and nighttime waking was the worst of it. Not too bad, especially considering he’s around other kid’s germ multiple times a week.

He’s been totally into Joe lately. He loooooves Joe. He loves his ears. He loves his fur. He loves watching him. I think they’ll be best of buds.


We attached the booster seat to a chair at the table so he can easily hang out with us while we eat. At dinner the other night he had some toys to play with, but he was starting to get sleeping so it wasn’t the most fun. In the morning I put him there while I snacked on a hard boiled egg and apple. I shared a few slices of apple with him to play with.


He grabbed them a couple times and threw them on the ground. Good thing Joe was there to pick it up! I think that will become his permanent spot near the table for the next few months/years.


Hunter typically nurses 7 times a day now. On a rare day he sleeps in he may eat 6 times them 8 the next day. It all evens out. We actually started having a little trouble with nursing 3-4 weeks ago. He would be fussy and not stay latched for long. I realized that he was becoming increasingly distracted, even just by me talking. I started nursing him in the nursery more and away from people when we were out. Less noise and things going on=a better nurser! So thankful for that!

I unofficially weighed him last week (in clothes + diaper) and he weighed 16.5 pounds! At 4 months he was 14 pounds 7 ounces, so up quite a bit. He gets shots this afternoon so we’ll get an official weighing of our little guy then.

He’s becoming a master at sitter. He looooves sitting. We’re still not rolling over, but we’ll get there when we’re ready. We do naked time every night and he gets to close to rolling over. Any day now!

We’re still swimming a few times a month. Last Friday my mom and nephew Caden joined Megan, Mabel and I. He’s still loving the water!

Do you have any tips for making childwatch a little easier on our little guy? I don’t know if it’s a specific thing that sets him off, or just being away from me.

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. I love posts like these. I have a almost 5 mo (he’s got like a week), we are still having “cat naps” spread out through the day usually 45 min max, I keep thinking he has to have longer naps as “everyone else’s baby does” but it’s ok. Still no roll overs over here either but he loves to sit. My only grievance is he WILL NOT sleep through the night – nurses all the time all the time – my 4 month sleep regression is still happening… oh well! One day I hope!

    1. I read that babies sleep cycles are 45 minutes long which makes 45 minute naps pretty typical. Maybe once they’re older they take longer naps??? Wishes for a full night sleep for you soon!

  2. Babies go through different stages of separation anxiety. They happen at different ages so maybe he’s just going through that right now and it will get better. They also go through different stages of distracted eating/nursing and that will get better too and then he’ll do it again.

  3. ah! Hes so cute. Love love love. Yes- everything in the mouth. Kaylin has finally slowed down with that craziness. I always bring a sippy cup of milk for her for daycare. It seems to comfort her. I’m sure he’ll get better- just takes time once they know more of whats going on

  4. awwwww! Sweet boy. Typically separation anxiety doesn’t occur until 7-8 months of age – thats around the age that infants really understand that Mom or Dad still exists when they are not in the direct environment (object permanence), which is why they cry when Mom or Dad leaves. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen earlier…every baby is different. It could be the environment – it’s not an environment he is too familiar with, there’s something that makes him nervous or that he is unsure about. I think the best thing to do it keep up any routine you have when you drop him off. As he gets used to a routine, he may begin to feel more comfortable 🙂

    I can’t believe how big he is getting! So cute!