It seems like just yesterday we were gazing down at our little one day old baby.


Now at 7 months he’s such an active boy!

And most definitely very boy-ish too. He loves hitting his hands on things, grabbing whatever he has near him then hitting it on the ground… making loud crazy noises. I can only imagine the mischief he’ll get himself into!

Hunter has his da-da-da’s and ba-ba-ba’s down. He’ll randomly throw out some ma-ma-ma’s too. Just this week he discovered that he can make his voice sound raspy, and he also likes the sound of his cough. If he coughs once or twice, he turns it into something fun to do with a big smile on his face.

He is so close to crawling. This month has been big in the mobility department. He went from starting to roll over last month, to sitting, now he rocks back and forth on his hands and knees, can crawl a little backwards, pushes up from his belly to seated and really any day now is going to take off moving. Guess it’s time to baby proof.

Since my last post on sleep, it’s gone much better. Thank you for all your encouraging comments and advice! It’s always nice knowing I’m not the only one out there. 🙂  The last few days we’ve been out later making getting to bed on time tough. He’s fallen asleep between 9-10pm, waking me between 5-6am to eat, then he goes back to sleep waking up around 8:15-8:45am. It’s actually been nice having a bit of time in the morning. I really appreciate the 6+ hour stretch of sleep. Makes me feel normal when I get my sleep! We started sleep training last Friday which has it’s ups and down, but that’s a whole different post.

Hunter and food. Baby-led weaning began really well, then the holidays came around and I got lazy, mainly not wanting to create a mess away from home, so I spoon-fed a bit more. Sometimes he’ll take the spoon, most of the time it’s more a struggle than I think it’s worth it. We restarted Hunter feeding himself and it’s really taken off well again! I need to be more diligent about giving him the opportunity to eat at least once a day. Lunch time or afternoon is usually a time we’re home so that’s becoming our consistent meal time. Banana is by far his favorite food to eat, but avocado and pear are up there too. This week I’m going to boil some yam sticks for him. We tried soft peas but his thumb-finger coordination isn’t there just yet. They mostly just got smashed.  His favorite non soft food is celery to gnaw on.  Jacob put some in the freezer and he went to town on that.

He’s still a great nurser. He nurses about 6 time a day, going anywhere from 2.5-4 hours between session. These are the typical times though: 5:15am, 8:15am, 11:30am, 2:30pm, 5:30pm, 8:30pm.

The best thing about him is his big smile. He really is such a happy baby. We were very blessed!

8 months will be here in no time, especially since he’s actually 7 1/2 months old now.  I’m behind!  Oh and last thing, I feel like he’s gotten much heavier lately.  We won’t get a weight on him until his 9 month check up, but he’s really beefing up!

Happy Monday everyone!


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  1. Props to you for still breast feeding! I got through four months, then pumping at work and trying to keep up just got TOO hard. He is SUCH a cutie! Once they get super mobile you start to feel like you’re running a race all day- a fun one…but a crazy one ;). Keep up the awesome work with your cutie.

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