It’s official, my baby loves the water!

Yesterday Megan and I took Mabel and Hunter swimming for the first time. It was such a blast. When we arrived at the Y we got them in their swim diapers (imse vimses). They were already excited. Hunter went speedo style, Mabel in a cute suit.

The water temp was in the upper 80s. Super comfortable to be in. Hunter kicked his legs, splashed, jumped around and had a grand time swimming.

It was toddler time when we there, and other than a little girl swimming with her dad and the lifeguard, we had the pool to ourselves. Probably a good thing for their first swim.

We swam for 35-40 minutes, and could have gone longer, but I had to get ready to teach. The babies got bundled up in their towels. Still super happy!

I took Hunter to child watch, and instead of napping like I thought he would, he stayed away the entire time! Once I got him in the carseat headed home he passed out. I brought him inside and he stayed asleep in his carseat. He never stays sleeping in it once we get inside. Never. Yesterday, he slept for over an hour in it! Then later on Jacob and I ran an errand. He fell asleep for the hour in the car, then another 30 minutes once we were back home – still in the car seat!

All the kicking, splashing and adventures of a new activity wore the little guy out. We will definitely be back!

Are you a fan of being in the water and swimming?

I sure am. Love being in the water, which I end up doing at least 3 times a week now.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. He is such a beautiful baby! I don’t swim, I really dint care for it, but maybe if I had access to a nice pool like the Y then I would! We have one nearby but too far to drive on a regular basis, might try it though this winter for a special treat when we will be cooped up a lot, the kids would LOVE IT!