Things are pretty exciting around here. Hunter’s nursery is looking pretty cute. Now you get to see instead of just taking my word for it.

The full mural ~ owl theme designed, hand drawn and painted by the one and only hub’s Jacob.

I feel so lucky to have a hubby with such a talent. This is something I would NEVER have been able to do, and if I had tired a) I would need a stencil of some sort to trace from and b) it would just look bad… real bad. I’m definitely not good at drawing.

Close up on the owl family. Mama and dada owl looking down at their lil guy, which we call the Hunter owl cause he’s a little guy.

I love how all the comes came together. Bright leaves and a couple birds on the branches.

Finished off with a sweet little note for our little Hunter.

The same grey used in the trees is what we painted on the wall that used to have a hole in it. No more hole!

The one thing Jacob says he would do different next time is to draw in pencil instead of charcoal. The charcoal bled through the paint a bit which meant he had to do two coats in some places. There’s still a bit of charcoal to be erased, so every once in a while Jacob is still tackling erasing areas.

Other than that, he had fun painting the mural!

In addition to the walls being done, we added new lights to the room. I didn’t get a before picture in the nursery, but here’s what the ceiling light looked like before (currently in our bedroom, soon to be replaced too!). Gold is just not our thing.

And now the new one.

We like this much more! The one downside with this new light is it’s made to only use the new florescent light bulbs, which we absolutely do-not-like. Even though that’s a bummer, we do get better light in there now.

We took this standing lamp from the office upstairs and added it to the nursery. No cost there!

And we also added our new favorite lamp – the owl lamp! Once we get a side table/night stand in there he’ll go on that. Until them, he’s (not sure why I’m referring to the lamp as a male???) going to be a floor lamp.

Now that stage 1 of the nursery is totally complete, we can move onto stage 2! The crib is waiting for us at Jacob’s parents house and the glider is waiting for us at my parents house. It will be exciting to see how it looks once we start to fill it.

So what’s next???? Stage 3 – decor! I have so many ideas and DIY projects to share, so be on the lookout for that post in the coming week or two.

What do you think so far?  Which owl is your favorite?  Do you sometimes refer to objects as male or female too?



0 thoughts on “Hunter's nursery: mural, wall and lights”

  1. Oh my goodness—your husband has so much talent! That mural is beautiful. I teared up a little at the “To Hunter Love Daddy 2012” part. (Still have those post-pregnancy hormones in full force I guess!) I love the owl lamp, too. So cute! I can’t wait to see the finished project.

  2. We have an owl/nature theme to our nursery as well but unfortunately can’t do anything mural like in our rental- Your husband did an amazing job on the mural!!! I also love love love that lamp!!

  3. Oh my goodness he is so talented!!! That looks amazing! And I love the little message on there! I am sure Hunter is going to love it as well 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the crib and glider in there as well! It’s all coming together so nicely!

  4. Wow, I love the mural! That definitely takes some talent. I’m a real fan of the owl theme for a nursery. We are having a girl though, so I’m thinking we are going to go for something more feminine, but who knows. Neither one of us can make up our minds.

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