Good morning!  I can’t believe the weekend is already over.  Ours seemed to fly by.  Jacob was busy with another house project…

The downstairs bathroom remodel!  Here’s what we started with.

Not only nothing very exciting to look at, it always seems dirty too.  Even after I clean it!  It doesn’t help that it’s super messy in these pictures… better before photos right? 😉

The only change we made when we moved into our house was paint the wall with some free paint we got from a friend.  The light green was definitely a color we would not pick out.

Nothing on the walls anywhere.

Demo started on Friday!

Then Saturday the changes began to take place.  A fresh coat of paint that we had originally picked out for the bathroom… almost 4 years ago!  We still love the look of it with the white wainscoting.

A much brighter photo showing the tile going in on Sunday.  We are so excited about our bathroom remodel.  I found some GREAT deals, which is helping keep the cost down.  More to come when it’s finished!

While Jacob was working away on the bathroom, I didn’t get to help at all.  No painting for me 🙁

BUT, I have my own projects to work on!  Stage 1 and stage 2 of Hunter’s nursery are all done.  Now it’s time for stage 3, which is the fun part —- decorating!

His name

We’re going to buy letters to put his name up.  They won’t be painted like these, just in the bright colors already in the nursery mural.  I may or may not do the branch idea… but it’s pretty cute, especially since there’s a tree on the mural!

Some art

I saw these prints on pinterest and loved them.  We’re going to re-make 2 of them in photoshop to just print our self.  We have 2 pictures frames we just replaces in the dining room that will be painted the bright mural colors too, with the prints added in.

Coat rack

For Christmas I made Jacob a beer bottle cap coat rack.  It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself.   For Hunter I’m making an owl one!

Nothing too fancy – just a piece of wood that I’ll paint the bright green in the mural with 5 knobs attached.  My original plan was to order a few different retro owl knobs I found on amazon.

But when it turned out to be around $35 with all the shipping and handling, I nixed that idea.  Instead, I brought 5 plain wood knobs for around $1 each and found some owl fabric I covered them in.  Once I paint the board and attached them I’ll be sure to show the final project!

That’s it for decor so far.  If I feel super motivated I plan to make some curtains – no sew curtains that is.  My sewing machine is up in the attic (and troublesome when I use it!), which is an okay place for it to be for now. 🙂

I hope I have progress photos to show soon!

How was your weekend?  Did any demo go down around you?


0 thoughts on “Hunter's nursery: stage 3”

  1. SOOO cute!!! I love the tree branch idea with the name hanging down…so cute. the color looks great too btw…how exciting!! 🙂

  2. Great job. I love the branch idea with the letters that would look adorable in there! You guys are doing a great job. Doesn’t it feel good to create something exactly like you want it instead of settling for all the pre-made expensive stuff out there! I’m sooooooo happy to be doing the same thing the second time around i love the room so much more because hard work and little pieces that i did and of me get to go into it!

  3. these are all so cute! I love the branch with the name! I think you should do the branch, it’d tie in so cute with your tree mural! I can’t wait to see little Hunter in there! 🙂 It’s all turning out so cute!

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