if I wasn't pregnant workout

If I wasn’t pregnant I’d paint this I found on pinterest….

Different colors but the same simple 2 liter bottle trick. I guess I could use a mask???

If I wasn’t pregnant I’d try many of these…


I’m not gunna lie, I’m really looking forward to that first post baby beer, especially if it’s a warm + sunny day. My first whole beer that is. I take a sip from Jacob’s bottles and it sure does taste good!

If I wasn’t pregnant I wouldn’t have an excuse for my yard looking like a mess.  I totally cannot wait to spent time on the yard, especially weed whacking again.  That is no lie!

If I wasn’t pregnant I’d do this workout.

Oooohhhhh sprints!  It’s definitely going to be a heart pounder, which I thoroughly look forward to doing post baby. In the meantime, try it and I will live vicariously through you.

If I wasn’t pregnant I would miss out on these moments.

Watch Hunter move! This is basically what he does all.the.time. My belly gets tired!

So I’m glad I’m pregnant (for just a little itty bit longer!), but I do have things to look forward to when I’m not. And that includes lots of cuddling with our little guy, late nights and those early mornings.

Yup, I am looking forward to those. :)



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